The Earthbound Tribe of Havet

Preferring to claim territory in the wintry north, the Havet Tribe chose to limit their contact with humans and spirits alike, clinging to the indigenous human tribes of the Blackfoot Confederacy as a cover. They protected the humans and in turn were allowed to integrate with their people.

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Siksika Leadership

Punish, Chief of the main tribe of Havet (since January 2140)

Cross, Headman to Chief Punish (since January 2140)

Dream, Head Psychic of Havet (since March 2130)

Rave, Head Teleporter to Chief Punish (since March 2130)











💁🏽 Upon their descent to Earth in search of the lost duo, the Havet Tribe found sanctuary within the tribes of the Blackfoot Confederacy. Traditionally, the main tribe protects the Siksika, while the other Poseidean tribes protect the Kainai and northern and southern Piikáni nations. However, under Chief Punish’s rule, the main tribe was relocated outside of Alberta in an effort to remove the influences of the former chieftains.

Kainai Leadership

Attack, former Siksika Chief (December 2129-December 2138)
Kainai Chief (since December 2138)

Nail, Matron to Chief Attack (since December 2129)

Imprint, Psychic of Havet (since December 2129)

Chase, Teleporter to Chief Attack and Chieftess Hex (since July 2120)




Northern Piikáni Leadership

Hex, former Siksika Chieftess (December 2119-December 2129)
Piikáni Chieftess (since December 2129)

Reflect, Headman to Chieftess Hex (since December 2119)

Whisper, Psychic of Havet (since December 2119)





Southern Piikáni Leadership

Perish, former Siksika Chief (December 2109-December 2119)
Piikáni Chief (since December 2119)

Kill, Headman to Chief Perish (since December 2109)

Envy, Psychic of Havet (since February 2110)

Jump, Teleporter to Chief Perish (since April 2110)




As one of the nations furthest from the Semes Nation, the largest nation of warriors and the center of the system, the Havet Nation empathized with their Plutonian neighbors. While Head Chieftess Nomusa had managed to barter peace treaties with every nation, she had also become allied with two kingdoms and a coven.

Head Chief Conrí was wary of the change until Queen Argine of Zeroua sought an audience with him. He found her very agreeable, and the two realized that they had allowed their prejudices to cloud their judgement. After the Cytherean-Poseidean alliance was in place, Head Chief Conrí met with King Uduakobong of Ninurta and King Áki of Iuppiter in turn, creating alliances with them as well.

It was easy enough for High Priestess Lilith to broker a treaty with him, but Head Chief Conrí found Emperor Wenjun of Huǒxīng and Head Chief Inti of Semes to be especially difficult. They distrusted his connection to the hateful Head Chief Erebus of Nýchta. Eventually, they too created alliances with the Poseideans.

The Havet Nation’s Earthbound legacy has always maintained similar levels of stubbornness. Preferring to claim territory in the wintry north, the Havet Tribe chose to limit their contact with humans and spirits alike, clinging to the indigenous human tribes of the Blackfoot Confederacy as a cover. They protected the humans and in turn were allowed to integrate with their people.

It is believed that this tribe is the fourth group of spirits to walk the Earth after most of humanity was wiped out, returning with Chief Perish from the southern Piikáni nation. Five chieftains have led the growing tribe since its return, with only one recognized as the reincarnation of Chief Aodh, the eldest child of Head Chief Conrí. He was Chief Scorch, whose reign was cut short by his assassination. He was the most progressive chief by far, speaking of alliances with other groups, demons and angels alike.

Though the majority of the tribe agreed with their true chief, there was a newcomer who was avidly opposed to a cross-species alliance. Punish felt the tribe would be better off in isolation, until they could obtain enough power to destroy the Earthbound courts.

When Scorch shut down Punish and his extremist ideals, the tribe figured their troubles had come to an end. Rush, Scorch’s younger brother and then headman, found his chief to be absent one morning from their routine hunt. Upon searching his cabin the young man discovered his brother’s corpse, cruelly dismembered.

There were no clues as to who could have murdered their true chief, but Rush suspected it was Punish. Taking up the mantle of chief, he tried to convince his tribe of the outsider’s guilt–but without any substantial evidence to support his claims, the newly assigned chief was removed from his position. The main tribe appointed Punish as their new chief, who subsequently chose Cross, Rush’s best friend, to stand as his headman. This undoubtedly caused a rift to form around the former lieutenant.

With his brother dead, his best friend replacing him in the eyes of his beloved tribe, and his own younger sister desperately vying for the attention of their new chief, Rush felt betrayed by his own people. The young demon wholeheartedly believed in his late brother’s vision, and he instead had to watch as his friends and family were molded into blood-thirsty killers before his very eyes.

The former headman was at the end of his rope when another tribe passed through, requesting an audience with his selfish chief.

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