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S.o.t.S. Entry #1

A heart overflowing with intangible pain;
A soul too worn out to take shelter from the rain;
Eyes that used to house a fire, now flooded with liquid shame;
"But I'll be okay."


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S.o.t.S. Entry #2

The one thing that Amora will always hold above anyone and anything in this world.

S.o.t.S. Entry #5

Kathee doesn’t know how much more she can take.

S.o.t.S. Entry #6

Brigit wants to share this with the world someday.

S.o.t.S. Entry #9

We look to the past to better understand the present and efficiently prepare for the future.

S.o.t.S. Entry #10

If there’s one thing you should never do, it’s mess with a witch’s book of shadows.

S.o.t.S. Entry #11

Kathee isn’t a leader, but she will not follow you blindly.

S.o.t.S. Entry #13

Darya is snapping. Breaking. Becoming something else… Someone else.

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