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Happy Birthday, Spencer!

While Jason relies on his words in a confrontation, Spencer relies on his fists–and yet, he understands the responsibility that comes with his superior strength and agility, and shows great restraint when dealing with humans. This restraint is thrown out the window if the human is a bandit or known abuser.

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Who’s Who: Eva of the De Ardo Coven

She tells Wihn and Maddy that she has crushes on Max and Arabela, as they’re both witch heads. In reality, she has crushes on Kyung-Mi and Mirae, the vampire twins from the Maeng Coven. The latter twin is a model in the Fashion Club, and they’ve made their preference for Evanora’s makeup skills obvious, fueling the sophomore’s overactive imagination.

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Happy Birthday, Jason!

Jason and Spencer were born to Lyric Hale and Jude Carr, a young couple born and raised in the Haasi confederacy. The Carrs are well-known weaponsmiths for the growing community, while the Hales dabble in field medicine and border defense.

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Happy Birthday, Gavin!

There was a time (during the early Lizzie’s Diary era) when Gavin had a crush on Karia–and, if you’ve read the series, you’ll notice that she also had a crush on him before Monty’s coronation. After seeing her in a healthy, loving relationship with a good man, his feelings faded from romantic to platonic.

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Who’s Who: Maddy of the De Ardo Coven

Madalynn is a member of the History Club, and she plays flute in AOA’s marching band. She’s considered joining the charm club, but she’s worried that someone will discover her uncommon lineage. The only person she’s confided in is Rafael. For no particular reason…

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Happy Birthday Nora!

She’s an experienced athlete; she’s the only ability-wielding player who refuses to utilize her ability for fear of harming her friends. Dianora is a beast on the field even without her power, besting both Virgilio and Mateo, Onyait’s best players. Onyait certainly recruited the most members with abilities, but Adrian was more focused on the skill of his individual players.

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Happy Birthday Iggy!

A bit immature, Ignacio is an impulsive prankster. His jokes are all in good fun, and he knows when to back off. He comes off as an arrogant contrarian, but in reality he’s very open-minded. He just loves to debate for the sake of creating conflict. Celia has certainly reigned him in since their soul mate bond, and in return the porter has brought out the elder angel’s wild side. He’s not the best futebol player in the coven, but his teleportation gives him an edge against the opposite team.

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Happy Birthday Rico!

He’s more serious than, say, Ignacio and Adrian, so when he saw that his older brother and Onyait were roped into a prank war by the younger men, Emerico did his best to stay out of it. He’s a well-trained hunter and can spot a trap a mile away, so he’s managed to avoid the war.

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