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Who’s Who: Letty of the De Mortie Coven

The Saint Vil family commissioned a magick staff from Kindra Technologies that will allow Yolette to merge her offensive and defensive magick into one seamless style. She’s yet to debut it yet in a duel, but she trains with it regularly. It’s name is Lightbane! (Yes, she named it.)

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Who’s Who: Alicia of the Young Coven

While she admires the ritual and the fact that her parents are still very much in love to this day, Alicia can’t help but dread performing the ritual herself. After all, if the Young witches traditionally have human mates, then there’s no way her divine partner will be another witch.

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Who’s Who: Luke of the Salem Pack

Luke’s a powerhouse of muscle and strength; he’s the goalie for the football team, a shot stopper who’s caught the eye of various recruiters. Since it’s the only club he’s officially a member of, it’s where he spends the majority of his weekends–unless there’s some sort of festival or contest going on.

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Who’s Who: Oreste of the Quercini Coven

He comes from a long line of seers and prophets; his father is Zaccheo di San Macario, the highest-ranked seer in the Quercini Coven. His mother, on the other hand, is Flaminia Ciarcia, a highly-ranked telepath. Reading minds without an invocation is the mark of a truly gifted witch.

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Who’s Who: Lisa of the Zaldivar Coven

She can fend off curses, discern the emotional intent behind spells and rituals, and can even cast illusions that prey on the emotions of her target. She’s been trying to learn how to utilize all of her skills in order to immerse her target in an illusion of their deepest desires, a feat that very few advanced mages have managed.

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Who’s Who: Imani of the Bangui Pride

Her specialties are 300 meter intermediate and low hurdles, watercolor paintings, and expressionist illustrations of landscapes, still life, and the occasional portrait. She also knows how to carve figures and designs from wood, but it’s not her preferred artform.

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Who’s Who: Meri of the Twin Lakes Frolick

While witch covens are led by witch heads who inherited their title via their bloodline, and elven clans democratically elect their leaders, fairy frolicks are stateless, seemingly anarchist communities in where the only ruling bodies are parents over their minor offspring. That’s not to say fair folk do not abide by any laws; they are still Enchanters, bound by the rules of magick and laws of the occult realm.

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Who’s Who: Beck of the Salem Pack

The Vizcayas are descended from weredogs, one of the five aswang (or occult being) that dominate their home country. This makes him somewhat smaller than the average werewolf; in beast form, even Finn is a little bigger than Beck, despite the latter boy being older and having a human form that is taller and leaner.

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Who’s Who: Mori of the Hollywood Pack

He’s been known to volunteer at community centers and a local foster care centers, playing requested songs with one of his guitars for the youth and elderly. He claims he’s just racking up volunteer hours that’ll look good on college applications and resumes, his day is virtually ruined if he doesn’t get to perform as scheduled.

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The Earthbound Court of Iuppiter

Since their awakening, this Court had made a point to protect it’s neighboring human colony. Over time, the Elders decided the Court was a priority, and left the colonies unprotected. They were decimated by bandits within a year.

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Spooky Schedule For Spooktober 2022

Hello everyone! Good news: I survived Hurricane Ian! Yay! In all seriousness, that wasn’t a magnificent feat. I just so happen to live on Florida’s east coast, and it was the west coast that got fucked up at first. We certainly had some rainfall (the canal behind our house is practically in our backyard now!) and we lost power for a while, but that’s nothing compared to our family in…

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All About Teresa

Her favorite way to pass time is to play tag with Mateo through the surrounding forests; it’s more exciting with his jaguar form and her “toy” arrows with flat rubber ends.

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