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Entry 1

Two days.

I’ve been here two days. Waiting. Hoping.

You told me it wouldn’t take this long. You said we would find a place where they couldn’t find us. From what Mona says, Jesup isn’t far from us. They can come here. They can hurt people. They can find me.

Daddy will find me.

Why did you leave me here? Why did you want me to stay with angels?

Monty says they haven’t found you yet. They think you left me and ran off. No one’s told me that, but I can just tell. I can see and sense things that no one else can.

You remember when my special color vision started a few years ago? I could see swirls and rays and rings dancing around people. I think I always had it, but I never really noticed it because everyone had ugly colors. Our sisters and brothers were surrounded by muddy water, like they were drowning in the stuff. Momma’s colors looked kind of like that except with more black. Daddy’s color was all black, stretching out in scary spikes. There was some red mixed in, like blood oozing out of a farm animal.

I think I started noticing the colors when you started defying Daddy. Your color lightened so much you actually showed three different kinds; an orangey stripe like an apricot, a bright yellow ring, and further in was a line of cloudy dark red.

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