Who’s Who: Pixie of Zulwini

Given Name: Jenna Vaughn

Age: 22

Height: 5’5

Chosen Name: Pixie Vaughn

Date of Birth: 3/14/2119

Weight: 140 lb

Hair: thick wavy hair, top layer dyed sky blue, bottom dyed bright lilac

Eyes: bright forest green with a red ring around the pupil

Complexion: light/fair with pale blush undertones

Rulership: The Nation of Zulwini


  • Angel
  • Demon 🗸
  • Cambion
  • Nephil

True Race: Uranian

Human Race: German-American

Class: Royal

Warrior 🗸





Teleporter 🗸



Soul: magenta orb, dancing shadows on surface, leather sky blue wings, faint red glow, sky blue dagger, red square with upside-down equilateral triangle at the center

Ability: Teleportation

Character sketch of Pixie from the knee up after her awakening and recruitment into the Zulwini Tribe. Sketch by GREYANGLE (click the image to go to her Instagram)
Character Sketch by greyangle (Instagram)

Born into a small family residing within a growing colony in Pennsylvania. The colony was led by a cruel minister who picked on the weak. Jenna was a model student and believer, while her younger brother became the outcast and a subject of constant bullying. Even living in her shadow, he loved his sister, as they were close friends and she did everything she could to make him feel included.

Due to her popularity, she had many love prospects, but Jenna felt no appeal toward the young men who berated her sibling. She had, however, developed crushes on some of her female classmates, but she kept these to herself for fear of being ostracized like her brother. This became increasingly more difficult when a new family came to the Abbott colony. Their eldest daughter, Amira Cruz, was Jenna’s age and her first love.

She planned to combat her feelings, as she had done with every crush before her, but her brother could see her inner struggle and arranged for Amira to meet them just beyond the colony’s gate after curfew. Neither woman was aware of what Jenna’s sibling had planned for them, but when they met after dark it had felt as if everything fell into place. Hand in hand, Jenna and Amira took a stroll through the woods, just beyond the colony’s perimeter and out of sight of the lookouts. When they returned to Jenna’s home, Jenna snuck into her brother’s room to thank him and discuss her evening, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Concerned that he was still out and would get caught after curfew, she snuck out once more in search of her sibling. She had hoped to find him behind the church–it was where he tended to practice throwing his knife–and, to her dismay, she found his bruised body there, already growing cold. Her scream alerted the entire colony, and while her parents and neighbors gathered around her and berated her with questions, Amira pushed through the crowd and took the shaking, weeping woman into her arms.

She did her best to comfort her, to beg her not to look at the position of her brother’s body. The minister came forth and had some of the men take the body away, but he watched the affection that the young women displayed, setting horrid actions into motion. After condemning her deceased brother and his “evil homosexuality” the next morning at his eulogy, the minister announced that he would rid their colony of “those who go against God” once and for all.

That night, he led a mob to the Cruz household, dragged the entire family out of their beds, and separated Amira from the rest, claiming they would cure her of her sins by showing her that women belong to men, not to one another. Seeing this horrific display, Jenna tried to put a stop to the madness, only for the minister to order that she suffer the same fate.

Hearing the commotion and their cries for help, Chieftess Sabryna swooped in with Ravyn, Markeisha, Emily, and Raine, the latter demon shouting in Latin as she manipulated water and whipped at the colonists, forcing them away from the young women and their families. The minister tried to confront them, only for Sabryna to pick him up and chuck him clean across the colony.

The chieftess told the colonists that those who sought freedom, whether it be religious freedom of freedom from religion, would be welcome to follow her back to the Kansas City colony. A few families aside from Jenna and Amira’s came forward, while others cursed their devilry and took off in search of the minister. His body was nowhere to be found.

It was shortly after leaving Abbott that Sabryna approached Jenna and Amira, revealing that she could see the potential in a person’s soul that dictates whether they are a reincarnated spirit on Earth or simply a human. She unlocked their potential and recruited them to her nomadic tribe, awakening her tribe’s teleporter in the process. Jenna bid her family farewell and changed her name to Pixie, as she had been enamored with fairy tales since she was a child.

Emboldened by her knew identity, abilities, and purpose, Pixie pursued a relationship with Amira. The two were happy in the two months that followed–until the tribe was traveling through France and came across a small group who all had the potential to be recruited. One of these new recruits was Zarina, the individual destined to become Amira’s soulmate.

Though heartbroken, Pixie could not bear to abandon her knew family, especially since going rogue would mean leaving them without a teleporter. She kept a lid on her frustration and despair, sticking by her tribe in hopes that someday, somewhere, she would find someone to share her life with.

Little did the teleporter know that she did not have to wait for very long.

Art by @greyangleart–show her some love!

Smoke tinted by a fluorescent rainbow flows from the bottom-left of the photo to the top-right, the only color against a black backdrop. Overlaid are the words, "Want updates on the latest blogs? Follow Natasha Penn on social media!" Further down are neon-esque icons of Twitter and Reddit next to the username "nattypenn," and beneath that is the logo for instagram in the same style with the username "nattypennwastaken."
Graphic made at Canva / Icons from Icons8.com

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