Who’s Who: Giovanni, Leader of the Cronians

Name: Giovanni Sharpe

Age: 19

Height: 6’4

Date of Birth: 1/30/2122

Weight: 180 lb

Hair: ebony hair with honey streaks in tight dreads and styled in a front-flowing quiff, fade down sides and back

Eyes: gingerbread brown

Complexion: deep sepia skin tone, scattered beauty marks

Rulership: The Kingdom of Ninurta


  • Angel 🗸
  • Demon
  • Cambion
  • Nephil

True Race: Cronian

Human Race: Jamaican-American

Class: Royal 🗸



Leader 🗸






Soul: red sandstone orb, pearlescent feathery wings, faint green glow, pearl crown, green six-pointed star

Ability: Natural weaponry; dermal armor, stone mimicry

Character sketch of Giovanni from the hip up, his back to us as he looks up and to the left. His arms have only just shifted for the first time; sandy-colored spikes jut out in various directions. Sketch by GREYANGLE (click the image to be redirected to her twitter)
Character Sketch by greyangle (Twitter)

Born as his family was fleeing Jamaica. They sailed to Central America, spent the next year traveling through the mostly abandoned central Latin countries and bandit-ridden Mexico. When they finally reached North America, they were met with resistance by the bandits that had overrun Texas, so they headed east, sticking to the southern states. It was months before the Sharpes would find a home to settle in; an abandoned lake-front property in southern Louisiana. Gio was almost two when they made the home theirs; he had lost his father, an uncle, their grandparents, and several cousins along the way. All that remained were his mother, older brother, aunt, uncle, and cousin.

As the years in Louisiana passed, Giovanni’s childhood came to an abrupt halt at the age of twelve, when his uncle insisted that he hunt and train for combat with him and his brother. His cousin and best friend was to remain with the women and do chores. Wanting his cousin to be better prepared for danger, he taught her everything he learned in secret.

One day, Gio’s uncle and brother discovered that he was giving his cousin lessons, and they were furious. A series of events that day snowballed until his uncle injured his mother and murdered his aunt, fleeing the home afterwards. His brother attacked their cousin and left her for dead in the nearby swamp, running away as Gio rushed to save her. He buried his aunt in the backyard and forced his remaining relatives to pack what they could and leave with him, fearing that their abusers would return and cause more damage.

From there, they traveled north until they were taken in by the Kansas City colony. They set the small family up in a home that just barely fit their needs, and before the broken family had a chance to breathe again, Giovanni left his relatives in the safety and comfort of the colony. He took off, heading out west with his mother’s blessing as he journeyed through the mountains in search of himself.

One dreadful night while camping beneath the stars, the teenager heard screams and gunfire from nearby. He rushed to the aid of these strangers, doing his damnedest to help them fend off the bandits. The rogues had him outnumbered and outgunned, leaving him a bloody pulp as they finished off the last of the campers. They left before dawn, long gone by the time then prince Owen arrived with Albert, Jeremy, and Harry. Recognizing the potential in his soul, the prince unlocked his potential and had him healed by Kris. He then took him under his wing, impressed by his combat prowess.

After a year of training with the other courtsman and learning their ways, Giovanni took his mentor’s impeachment as a sign that someone new should lead the angels. With Owen’s vote, Giovanni submitted himself for the candidacy and challenged Harry and Carson, an angel who was recruited just a month before him. It was during their battle that he discovered his ability and was subsequently recognized as the true prince of their court.

Art by @greyangleart–show her some love!

Starry night sky extends over the mountainous golden sand of a desert. Overlaid text reads, "Want updates on the latest blogs? Follow Natasha Penn on social media!" Further below are the logos for Twitter and Reddit accompanied by the username "nattypenn," and beneath that is the old Instagram logo with the username "nattypennwastaken."
Graphic made at Canva

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