Who’s Who: Sabryna, Leader of the Caelians

Meet Chieftess Sabryna Blair, true leader to the Earthbound tribe of Zulwini; reincarnation of Nkosazana Abeni, the future leader of the nation of Zulwini and daughter to High Chieftess Nomusa of Zulwini and her consort Xolani.

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Given Name: Trinika Sharpe

Age: 20

Height: 5’6

Chosen Name: Sabryna Blair

Date of Birth: 3/11/2121

Weight: 125 lb

Hair: dyed a deep raven with a violet tint, normally worn in long tight braids

Eyes: chocolate brown

Complexion: rich umber skin with a cool rose undertone

Rulership: The Nation of Zulwini


Angel Demon 🗸

True Race: Uranian

Human Race: Jamaican-American


Royal 🗸



Leader 🗸LieutenantPsychic

Soul: midnight sky orb with star-like color-changing dots, leather indigo wings, faint green glow, indigo crown, green six-pointed star

Ability: Supernatural condition; heightened strength and agility, invulnerability

Character sketch of Sabryna from the knees up. Her left hand rests at her hip as she waits to meet with the Cytherean princess. Sketch and other art by GREYANGLE (click the image to visit her Instagram)
Character sketch by GREYANGLE (Instagram)

She was barely a year old when her family fled Jamaica, traveling through Central America, Mexico, and the southernmost states that made up North America. They settled in Louisiana, where she spent her childhood with her two cousins.

Her father was a tyrant, taking over as patriarch after the death of his brother. He was abusive in almost every sense of the word, his actions driving the future chieftess to lock herself in her room at bedtime. When she grew old enough, she stole a knife from the kitchen and kept it under her pillow.

When she was nearly thirteen, her father began taking her younger cousin and best friend to hunt and train, refusing to bring her along. As a result, her favorite cousin would use his free time to teach her everything he learned, unwittingly showing her how to defend herself and her mother from her father.

The day came when her father tried to attack her mother in broad daylight; she lunged between them and stabbed at her father, hoping to deescalate the situation. All she had done was made things worse; in the end, the young woman lost her parents and the jealous older cousin.

The remaining Sharpes took off, resettling in the fortified colony in Kansas City. After barely a week of grieving, her cousin left her to look after his mother. Furious over being left behind, she packed her belongings and escaped the colony, armed with only a knife and her aunt’s blessing. On her way out of the colony, she ran into other colonists who were hoping to find their own path; Roger, Markeisha, and Jordan. The latter were sisters from Georgia, dabblers in Wicca after a family tragedy involving bandits and the Jovian angels. The former was a widower with no family left, offering Sabryna weapons if she can travel with them and help him train the Porter sisters in combat. She agreed, and the group set out northeast.

They came across other travelers along the way, recruiting stragglers before they group as a whole was awakened, with Sabryna recognized as their true chieftess. Utilizing her newfound knowledge and purpose, Sabryna directed the tribe of Zulwini to follow her around the world. They helped colonists, recruited members, and met with other groups in hopes of scoring an alliance.

They were about to lose hope when the tribe returned to North America and, during an audience with the chief of Havet, felt the recognition of another true leader. Her faith restored, Sabryna and her tribe set out to meet the new leader, hoping to finally broker an alliance.

Art by @greyangleart–show her some love!

Smoke tinted by a fluorescent rainbow flows from the bottom-left of the photo to the top-right, the only color against a black backdrop. Overlaid are the words, "Want updates on the latest blogs? Follow Natasha Penn on social media!" Further down are neon-esque icons of Twitter and Reddit next to the username "nattypenn," and beneath that is the logo for instagram in the same style with the username "nattypennwastaken."
Graphic made at Canva / Icons from Icons8.com

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