Who’s Who: Jeremy of Ninurta

Name: Jeremy

Age: 21

Height: 5’9

Date of Birth: 1/31/2120

Weight: 140 lb

Hair: short, straight, dirty blond

Eyes: pale blue

Complexion: pale khaki with cool orange undertones, freckles

Rulership: The Kingdom of Ninurta


  • Angel đź—¸
  • Demon
  • Cambion
  • Nephil

True Race: Cronian

Human Race: Caucasian-American – Unknown

Class: Royal







Psychic đź—¸


Soul: cloudy grey orb, white feathery wings, faint violet glow, sand dollar brown symbol hidden by fog, a violet glow can be visible at the center

Ability: Telepathy – special ability unknown

Character sketch of Jeremy in a three-quarter pose. A knife is strapped to his left leg. Sketch by GREYANGLE (click the image to go to her Instagram)
Character Sketch by GREYANGLE (Instagram)

Orphan, traveled with his aunt. Bandits ambushed them and murdered her when he was thirteen, leaving him to continue on alone. He was found in the desert by Ethan Bishop, the prince of the Ninurta Court at that time. The older man saw the potential in his soul and took him in, subsequently awakening and recruiting the young teenager. His unique telepathic abilities were discovered shortly after, prompting the leadership to appoint him as psychic–the only one they had since the plague had take over.

As their psychic, Jeremy joined scouts whenever possible to locate more recruits; however, despite being with the court for nearly a decade, the teen distanced himself from the other courtsmen, allowing himself to become an outcast. The only angels who tried to reach out to Jeremy were Ethan, his successor Liam McCoy, and Liam’s royal advisor, Albert Scott. This was more out of necessity than anything else–the leadership did not want to push away their only psychic.

Art by @greyangleart–show her some love!

Starry night sky extends over the mountainous golden sand of a desert. Overlaid text reads, "Want updates on the latest blogs? Follow Natasha Penn on social media!" Further below are the logos for Twitter and Reddit accompanied by the username "nattypenn," and beneath that is the old Instagram logo with the username "nattypennwastaken."
Graphic made at Canva

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