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Have you ever met someone and thought, “I’m going to spend the rest of my life with someone, even if it kills me”? Take it from me: if you ever, and I mean ever, experience such irrational thoughts, seek therapy. You’ll thank me later.

For those of you thinking, “But I have thought something similar! Am I crazy?”


“What should I do?”

Same advice. Seek therapy, thank me later. Preferably in that order.

Otherwise, you’ll end up just like me. Bleeding out at the center of a shittily drawn pentagram, all because you fell for the most beautiful creature you had ever seen. Your friends pounding on the attic door, shouting your name as they try to brute-force their way past your seal. The roar of a familiar beast, the boisterous crash of the aforementioned door caving in as one of them succeeded in clearing the way, but at a cost…

Everything–and I mean everything–in our world comes at a cost.

Read Weird: Book of Secrets in order:

Weird: Book of Secrets, Chapter I

CHAPTER I: Upsetting News

Weird: Book of Secrets, Chapter V [part iii]

I shot Diego a swift look, hoping he would shrug off my suspicions and explain what really happened. He hadn’t–no, couldn’t–tear his eyes away from Cari. I didn’t think he was capable of expressing such terror; his eyes looked as if they would pop out of his head, his jaw had dropped, and he had lost all the color in his face. Those teal eyes were darker than ever, glued to my younger half-sister.

Weird: Book of Secrets, Chapter VI [part i]

My eyes darted back down to the cover. The illustration depicted a young woman clad in black robes with sapphire blue accents, her expression proud and intimidating as she wielded a black staff like a weapon. At the head of the staff was a single rose encased in a crystal ball. “That sounds like a nice story, but I’ve played enough video games to know when there’s a catch.”

Weird: Book of Secrets, Chapter VI [part ii]

Both were around the same height and sported similar wild curls, but the lighting brought out the reddish hue in Gerardo’s brown hair. Max’s hair was like soft obsidian, dark and inviting. The junior also had a more defined jawline compared to the senior, and I wondered how I ever even came close to thinking that they looked identical. But if Max pushes me away like that, then he’s no better that Lalo.

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Who’s Who: Cari of the de Ardo Coven

Cari’s favorite plush toy (so far) is a limited edition black and gray wolf with icy blue eyes–Axel stole it from a Shop-A-Lot store. He claimed that he had only done this as an “F-U” to large corporations and not because he had seen Cari admiring the plush. He gave it to her a week later, on her sixth birthday.

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Who’s Who: Axel of the de Ardo Coven

Once he was changed and adopted by the de Ardo coven, he changed his name to Axel de Ardo. This is unprecedented, as even vampire covens do not consider themselves family, and will not take any surname as to make identity concealment easier.

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Who’s Who: Jett of the Salem Pack

Most were-youth undergo their first transformation as they go through puberty. However, since their father was a human, Jett and his older sister, Jade, were late bloomers. Jade had her first transformation when she was fourteen and passed away shortly after; Jett did not transform for the first time until his seventeenth birthday.

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Who’s Who: Val of the de Ardo Coven

Her most treasured memories are all with Cari; taking her to star gaze, watching poorly made horror flicks, using her allowance to buy Cari a beginner’s broomstick. Unfortunately, all of those memories also took place when Cari was very young, before their mother’s expectations began to weigh on Val.

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Who’s Who: Teagan of the Love Coven

Following her death, Teagan spent a couple decades in France while undergoing her blood training. She contributes this span of time as her most inspired, as she experimented with neo-impressionism and symbolism.

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Who’s Who: Gal of the Serafim Coven

The Ribeiros and the Serafims are notoriously close; Galiana and Gerardo were inseparable throughout their childhood, but began drifting apart after he entered his sixth year. When Gal tried to confront the preteen about his distant nature, Gerardo claimed it was born from his need to focus on his studies.

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