Who’s Who: Angel of the Wang Herd

Name: Heng “Angel” Wang (王 恒)

Identity: nonbinary

Birth Date: 15 of October

Year: Freshman

Height: 1.69 m

Hair: wavy, chin-length blonde

Orientation: queer

Age: 15

Zodiac: Libra

Weight: 68 kg

Eyes: color changes depending on mood

Complexion: golden wheat with warm coral undertones

Classification: Hunter

Species: Unicorn

Specialty(ies): empathic readings, self-control, prophetic visions

Greatest fear:

Interested in:

  • memes
  • anime
  • lo-fi remixes
  • UA (iykyk)
  • escape rooms

Disinterested in:

  • boats (the OCEAN?!?!?1)
  • anything with nuts (they’re allergic)
  • putting influencers on pedestals
  • racists
  • wires (it’s 2021, go wireless already)

Random Facts:

1. They love that their height is currently 1.69 meters, and they hope it remains as such. However, no matter how much they eat, they’ve only been able to achieve 68 kilograms or 70 kilograms.

2. They’re the only one who can make fun of their last name. THE ONLY ONE.

3. The Wang Herd consists of the last of the world’s unicorn families; there are only five families remaining, and Angel is expected to choose a suitor from the other four families. This means that their options are older unicorns ranging between twenty-two and thirty-seven years old.

4. They read The Arcane Citizen regularly and have an interest in both journalism and photography–aside from these clubs, they’re also interested in the Animal Rescue Club and the school marching band. They learned how to play several wind instruments from a young age, and their current preference is saxophone.

5. Angel is an avid KidxReject fan, and is having a hard time not freaking out over the fact that they now attend the same academy.

Art by oveikeii ♠️
Graphic made at Canva

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Graphic made at Canva

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