Commissions & Writing Services Available!

Commissions are open! Tatiana Lizcano, better known by their pseudonym Natasha Penn, is a freelance writer offering high-quality writing services in a timely manner for an affordable rate. Character creation, ghostwriting, proofreading, editing, and transcription services available now!

I Take Part In Writing Competitions (Here’s How You Can Help)

I recently began taking part in Vocal Challenges. Vocal is a platform where writers can share their content and get paid for views, and the challenges are Vocal-exclusive writing contests where the submissions must adhere to specific guidelines. I’ve entered a few stories in challenges recently, and I’d appreciate your help in securing a spot in the top three!

I published my first book!

I have spent the better part of the last decade on world-building, character creation, and research for a book series I titled The Chronicles of Life & Death. This series has been revamped and rewritten at least four separate times as characters have been added–as the story began pouring out of me. Now, I am pleased to say that I have not only completed my first book, but I have published it on!

Happy Birthday Josh!

Josh and Zach were on a supply run with their Uncle Jensen when they bumped into the Ninurta Court, led at the time by Owen McMahon. Owen recruited the boys, assuring their uncle that they would be safe under his care. The boys visit their uncle every few months, and now that the court has settled onto permanent territory, Uncle Jensen visits them very often.

Happy Birthday Matteo!

Matteo is a strong yet conflicted man. On the one hand, he trusts his son, the sitting prince, to make the right decisions. On the other hand, the council listens to his prophetic sister–and she’s saying they’ll have to make a change soon.

Happy Birthday Chris Sr.!

The Council of Elders can be divided into two main groups: Lorenzo, Matteo, Carter, and Cameron on one side, and Desideria, Remiel, Christian, and Aldo on the other. The latter half has been dubbed the “fun side,” even though Christian doesn’t get to vote when the council is coming to a decision.

Happy Birthday Aldo!

Outside of his squad, Aldo appears very unapproachable. He’s stern, serious, and very intimidating. However, if you meet him when he’s around Desi, Remi, and Chris Sr., then the man’s all smiles. He loves the latter two as if they were his own brothers, and he adores Desi to pieces. Whenever one of the three visits Aldo at the colonial workshop, the humans are always blown away by the angel’s sudden shift in personality.

Happy Birthday Gordon!

Even though he’s the youngest of his siblings, he’s the tallest, the physically strongest, the only male, and the only one to find their soul mate. Cienna is disinterested in fighting or romance, so she doesn’t partake in any competitions. Natalie, on the other hand, loves to challenge her little brother to fights. Even with his superior strength, he has yet to beat her speed, agility, and swordsmanship.

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Cameron is a caring soul who fights for what he believes in and protects the ones he loves. He and Yavar are proud cat dads of most of their neighborhood’s strays. Both men work out rigorously, with Cameron being the go-to firearms instructor for the angels.

Happy Birthday Ricky!

Ricky is definitely a fan of old Western movies–particularly spaghetti Westerns. As part of their training, he and Sam have to learn how to make all kinds of weapons and tools. They’ve made daggers for most of the court, Natalie’s broadsword, and have been deliberating on what to make for Tony.