An Amateur’s Attempt at Haibun

Part of the Miscellaneous Poetry project.

1 minute

1. You

You are enchanting

A tempestuous beauty

But am I worthy?

2. Can

We don't have much time

But if we work together

We can reach the top

3. See

What is it you see

When you peer beyond the veil?

Is the future ours?

4. Your


Will only get you so far

You have to believe

5. Pain

Towering above

Intimidating us all

Is this possible?

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

6. And

A time-weathered face

An inspiration to all

Head stuck in the clouds

7. Yet

A crown of sunbeams

Wildflowers placed at your feet

Earthen royalty

8. Keep

Littered with corpses,

You hold the ghosts of failures...

You terrify me.

9. Hurting

Do you keep secrets?

Or do you swallow their words

As you consume them?

10. Yourself.

It's all that I want--

They tell me it's all I need.

Can success kill you?

But am I worthy?

11. Is

Climbing a mountain

Takes courage, faith, and focus.

... All the things I lack.

12. It

I just wanted more.

To live like the other half.

Why is that so wrong?

13. Worth

Take all that you can

For I will never return

You have broken me

14. Your [pt. 2]

Sometimes a white knight

Is a conqueror disguised

As your protector

15. Life?

Maybe we can reach

The highest of mountain peaks

But we won't today.

You may be wondering why these poems are grouped together. That reason is simple: I was inspired by a poetry contest I previously entered to write a series of haiku that follow the theme. A sort of haibun, if you will. There are fifteen poems total in this series… And reading all fifteen in succession may reveal a “hidden” sixteenth haiku!


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