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Commissions & Writing Services Available!

Commissions are open! Tatiana Lizcano, better known by their pseudonym Natasha Penn, is a freelance writer offering high-quality writing services in a timely manner for an affordable rate. Character creation, ghostwriting, proofreading, editing, and transcription services available now!

I Take Part In Writing Competitions (Here’s How You Can Help)

I recently began taking part in Vocal Challenges. Vocal is a platform where writers can share their content and get paid for views, and the challenges are Vocal-exclusive writing contests where the submissions must adhere to specific guidelines. I’ve entered a few stories in challenges recently, and I’d appreciate your help in securing a spot in the top three!

Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 1

I think I started noticing the colors when you started defying Daddy. Your color lightened so much you actually showed three different kinds; an orangey stripe like an apricot, a bright yellow ring, and further in was a line of cloudy dark red.

I don’t know what any of that means, though. Mona is the only one I told, and she said she’ll help me find a book from the library about it. You know I haven’t read a lot of books. What little I have read was in secret with you. You taught me how to read and write. You taught me how to count and do some math.

You were a better daddy to me than Daddy.