S.o.t.S. Entry #9

We look to the past to better understand the present and efficiently prepare for the future.

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A six-stringed accoustic guitar is propped up against a white throw pillow that has leaves embroidered all over in black. A black crescent cups the sound hole, its fill pattern appearing to have a Celtic design. The crescent complements the mahogany body.
Photo credit: Kari Shea via Unsplash
There once was a boy
who lived in the dark;
this cold and lonely world is where it all would start.
The emptiness left him without a friend.
For years he thought that this was how it'd end.
She was at peace with shadows,
embraced the absence of Sun,
but it's on this lonely world where two souls joined as one.
Secrets were kept from all whom they held dear,
and all the while chaos grew very near.
Oh, yes.
He wanted her to himself but she was destined for another.
She went off to meet her prince and left her broken-hearted lover behind.
And that is when the lonely boy became an angry man.
He fled his empty world to enact his cruel plan.
It was during this trip that he learned a new skill—
one that he could use against the man that he had to kill.
The angry man was reckless, he started a war.
He watched the woman he loved fight to level the score.
If only the ones fighting knew what they were fighting for—
and now angels and demons hold battles outside our door.
If they knew where it began, then we could all take a breath
and put an end to this never-ending cycle of life and death.
Because until you end the cycle Life will always lose to Death.

Written by Brigit

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