Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 6

“Liz! Where’ve you been?” His greeting broke the spell that held their friend’s attention. The two exchanged a quick, one-handed embrace before she moved on to greet Gavin in the same fashion. “Nowhere special--I just needed some space.” “Space alone or space with Mr. Sexy Biker Friend?” the junior countered, one eyebrow cocked. Lizzie’s jaw dropped. “H-He’s just a friend!” The underclassmen swapped knowing gazes as they continued toward the parking lot, shrugging off her claim. “Yeah, okay. Whatever you say.”

Scarlett Moon, Chapter 1

A hand appeared before her; she took it without hesitation, gripping their forearm as they did hers. A coughing fit overtook her, the sound of her own ailment easing her senses back. She used the inside of her shirt to wipe away her tears, clearing her vision just enough to allow her to study the one who came to her aid. She let out another scream when she saw him.

Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 5

"Knowing him, he actually might be..." The human grumbled.

The prince offered her a contrite smile. "Still don't like him?"

"Why would I?" Lizzie demanded. "Mona might have forgiven him, but I haven't."

Monty seemed to hesitate before responding; his expression had shifted from apologetic to stern as his emerald eyes became unfocused. It was only a for a moment, but Lizzie could recall this same distracted demeanor from their short time spent as roommates.

Monty – Entry III

The children of angels were born human and, if they were the vessels for a spirit that had yet to return to Earth, would have their true selves awakened by the sitting prince. This typically occurred at a young age for the Jovians, but there had yet to be a single prince to unlock the potential in Mona’s soul. In Matteo Alagona’s eyes, his daughter was a mistake--the only human in a family of angels.

Monty – Entry II

The young human continued to watch the spirit, peering at him through a mess of umber locks. She shook fervently as a gust of fall passed through the heart of the park, forcing the child to hug herself more tightly. In her shifting, he noticed a large black spot through the rips in her top, an uneven splattering against her side.