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Happy Birthday, Emily!

The tribe only had a few run-ins with bandits following the couple's soul mate bond, so Gray hasn't really had the chance to see Emily in action. They'll have their time in the spotlight in Taurus and the following book, as this couple will have to overcome obstacles in order to survive.

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Happy Birthday Rin!

As another of the elemental sorcerers of the Zulwini Tribe, Rina can manipulate plants and earth to an extent. They can move existing earth and flora, and they can will certain species of plants to grow. They have kept a few potted vegetables--and Gray's special "herbs"--alive on the camper since their recruitment. They are especially skilled at summoning vines and thorns.

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Happy Birthday Gray!

This nonbinary demon spends their free time messing with Gwen, challenging Rin to games, and snuggling with Emily. They fell in love with her almost instantly, though they refused to admit it--even after the pair had bonded. It took Emily's sweet nature and endless patience to pull Gray out of their shell. Their primary love language is physical touch, with words of affirmation and quality time tied for second.

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Happy Birthday, Summer & Winter!

A school was eventually put in place, and the Wolfes tried to enroll their daughters so that they could engage socially with others their age instead of traveling with their parents. They received word after two weeks that their daughters had gotten into fights with the other students--especially Summer, who was prone to biting. This forced their mother and father to attempt to homeschool the twins when they were not hunting or going on scouting runs.

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Happy Birthday Trent!

Even though he was a late addition to the cause, Trent was not influenced to bully Jeremy by James. He simply saw the psychic as too different from him to vibe with, and kept his distance based on that. Also, whether he realized it or not, Jerr had added to his own isolation by giving off an aura that made the younger courtsmen believe that he despised them; in reality, Jeremy and Trent are very similar, and would probably learn a lot from one another, as well as grow together as friends.

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Happy Birthday Hunter!

I honestly love the idea of the teenage members of the court thinking they can keep a secret like this from the elders. And, yeah, Gio is technically a teenager, but he also remembers over a hundred of his past lives where he lived (in some cases) well into his sixties. It makes him weirdly mature for nineteen, which makes his random moments of youthful behavior seem out of place.

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Happy Birthday, Wes!

No matter how hard I try, I can't imagine Wesley being bad at anything. He seems like the kind of person who listens carefully to instructions and takes, "do it right the first time," to heart. He's undefeated in combat practice, and has only lost in weapons combat to Owen. He took to Jeremy's mental exercises easily, and was the first to successfully call out to the psychic. I suppose if there's one thing he's bad at, it's saying no to others.

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Monty – Entry XI

“She and I might have been born siblings in this life, but as far as ‘first life’ relations go, that isn’t the case. She’s nothing to me,” the demon declared, stepping back toward their original meeting place. Monty ambled along with Leah between them. “You’re her guardian now, so don’t fuck things up. Give her everything she needs and don’t fight it when she eventually leaves.”

Monty froze, his eyes lowered. Clint’s words not only stung, but reminded him of something Kris had told them just hours earlier:

“Bandits don't do well in confined spaces--they're used to traveling by any means necessary.”


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Monty – Entry X

The young man who stood before him could not have been more than a year or two his senior. The sides of his head were shaved short, the remainder of his thick, sable twists fashioned into a hairstyle that seemed a cross between a mohawk and an afro. His skin and clothes were immaculate, as if he had never lived a day outside of a colony.

The ethereal orb floating within the confines of his chest puzzled Monty further. He confirmed that the stranger was nineteen years old, that he was a warrior, and the leathery wings that hung from his core marked him a demon. What the royal advisor could not see, however, was the brand of the tribe or coven from which the demon hailed.

Was I wrong? he wondered. Could he be someone else? There’s no way that’s Lizzie’s brother… Right?


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