The Earthbound Tribe of Semes

Current Leadership

Dane Ward, true Chief of Semes (since November 2139)

Fletcher Ward, Headman to the Chief of Semes (since November 2139)

Gabriella Moore, Psychic of the tribe of Semes (since October 2140)

Karia Peters, Psychic of the tribe of Semes (since December 2140)

Tripp Lopez, Teleporter to the Chief of Semes (since October 2135)

Former Leaders

Jason Carr, Chief (August 2135-November 2139)

Spencer Carr, Headman (August 2135-November 2139)

💁🏽 This generation’s Semes Tribe came about upon Jason Carr’s awakening. He recruited his brother and Tripp shortly after, and it was a few years before the Ward brothers would join them and reveal themselves as the true chief and headman.


Kent Dimaculangan, Offensive maneuvers (since December 2139)

Kaine Elliott, Stealth operations (since October 2140)

Benji Hall, Strategy (since October 2140)

Tawni Hall, Technology (since February 2140)

💁🏽 These are unranked members whose abilities and prowess allow them to be most useful to the needs of the tribe. Kent is the best fighter and the only pyrokinetic with exceptional control, Kaine’s shapeshifting allows him to blend in while his alchemy makes improvising fantastic, Benji is a teen genius and master tactician, and Tawni’s control over tech has a wide variety of uses beyond improving their day-to-day lives.

Current Members

Koji Dimaculangan

Marilyn Hart

Gavin Moore

Mona Alagona

💁🏽 While most of these members have abilities, none of them hold rank or have an unofficial title. Marilyn comes close as Dane’s soul mate, but all that really means is that she’s (usually) aware of his whereabouts.

The earthbound tribe hailing from the Nation of Semes–or, as it is called by humans, the Sun. Semes is the center of the system, the largest nation and the most influential of the celestial bodies. Historically, the Phebeans have always been just, going out of their way to host peaceful gatherings and preside over meetings between opposing leaders. While they are a nation of demons, they’ve always had a close relationship with the rulers of Chandra, Enki, Huǒxīng, and Zulwini, while maintaining the respect of the rest of the system. They are the settler of disputes, the writers and keepers of truces, pacts, and treaties.

Regarding the Earthbound Phebeans, these spirits are small in numbers compared to the other squads sent to Gaea. They are normally tied with the Hermeans and the Martians for second-smallest; the Selenites have retained the title of smallest group. The Phebeans are commonly allied with the Selenites, Martians, and (shockingly) the Caelians. They always seem to have a rivalry with the Jovians and Plutonians, though no one is sure why.

Following their descent, the Semes Tribe settled in the southeastern region of the North American continent, half of which found vessels in members of the Seminole, Cherokee, and Choctaw indigenous human tribes. The remaining half were spread out over the globe, resulting in a confusing first couple of lifetimes until their teleporter went out of his way to travel and seek out other members. While the true chief is fine allowing some members to travel to local areas with minimal supervision, he himself stays in one place.

The Semes Tribe is the fifth group to return after the global apocalyptic event… Or so they think. They’re not as experienced in inter-group communications as others, but they’ve made up for that with their swift progress in combat experience and reconnaissance. Granted, the only group they’ve had any real interaction with was the Iuppiter Court, though Kris will swing by to heal someone, and there was that one time the true chief of Zulwini sought an audience with Dane and was denied… Jason hasn’t forgotten about that, but he isn’t sure what it means, so he’s kept it to himself.

While the events of Saturn Rising take place, the Semes Tribe are still reeling from the aftermath of the Southern Bandit Wars, acclimating to their new territory, and (for a select few members) trying to convince Dane to join the search for the lost duo. We won’t know of their progress until Solar Winds.

Photo by Minh Trí on Unsplash

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