Happy Birthday, Jason!

Let’s meet the man who brought the Semes Tribe back from the dead: Jason Carr, the former Phebean chief and the elder of the Carr brothers.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussions and mentions of depression, death, and suicide.
Read at your own discretion.

Basic Info:

Age in Aquarius: 25
Height: 6’0 | Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: halfway down torso, straight, crow black | Eyes: charcoal black
Human Race: Seminole | Species: demon
Hailing Planet: Semes
Ability: weapon mimicry
Rank: none
Specialties: sharpshooting, sniping, “long” guns (shotguns, rifles, etc.)
Best friends: Spencer Carr, Kent Dimaculangan
Mentor: Reece Carr
Soul mate: to be revealed in a later book 😉

Three facts about Jason:

  1. Jason and his younger brother were raised in the Haasi confederacy, a lesser-known stronghold to the southwest of bandit country. Its territory extends from Mississippi’s Pascagoula State Park to Florida’s Black River State Forest.
  2. He was awakened while escorting traders to the Memphis colony. He recruited Spencer right after and met Tripp a month later.
  3. His uncle, Reece, taught him how to play guitar. He spends his afternoons jamming out with other musical Phebeans.

My thoughts on Jason:

The Haasi confederacy where Jason grew up was created when several human tribes banded together following the plague in an effort to combat the rise of bandits. It is comprised of the descendants of the Creek, Shawnee, Mvskoke, Seminole, Miccosukee, Choctaw, Cherokee, Biloxi, Tunica, Chitimacha, and Coushatta peoples, with the Louisiana tribes as newer additions following a series of pillaging by Texas bandits. It’s “lesser-known” because they are self-sufficient and don’t allow traders on their lands. Instead, Haasi traders are escorted north to the Memphis colony, where traders from all the neighboring states stop by to barter.

Jason and Spencer were born to Lyric Hale and Jude Carr, a young couple born and raised in the Haasi confederacy. The Carrs are well-known weaponsmiths for the growing community, while the Hales dabble in field medicine and border defense. One of the few things Lyric and Jude had in common was their love of music–they both played instruments, mainly guitar variants and instruments one would typically see in a rock band, and their study housed a collection of vinyl records, cassettes, and CDs organized in alphabetical order by musician or band. The Carr-Hale home was a hub for the more influential members of the community, with music pouring out through their open doors and windows…

Lyric Hale, age 27, was killed in a border skirmish between Haasi scouts and bandits. Stricken with grief, Jude Carr took his own life in their home study only a few days later at the age of 25. Jason and his little brother were only nine and five years old, respectively, and thus were taken in by their Uncle Reece.

As the Carr family’s black sheep, Reece was not the ideal choice to be the boys’ guardian, but he set everything aside and stepped up for his older brother’s kids. However, with only twelve years between him and Jason, Reece was less of a father figure and more of an influential big brother. Having looked up to Jude, their uncle made sure to incorporate music into their upbringing. He also began to take weaponsmithing more seriously in hopes of filling the hole his brother left behind. Reece and his dog, Stevie, moved into the family home and maintain the property to this day.

Jason was twenty-one years old when he was escorting traders to Memphis as a scout. He had made the trip at least half a dozen times before, but on this occasion, they were ambushed by a squad of bandits. Two scouts and a trader were killed, and another scout was severely injured, leaving Jason alone to protect the remaining four traders. All would have been lost had the trauma and adrenaline not forced his potential to unlock, and he was awakened as this generation’s first member and the de facto chief of the Semes Tribe. His group buried their dead and completed the trip to Memphis, and upon his return to Mobile, Alabama (the unofficial Haasi capital), Jason awakened Spencer and recruited him to be his headman.

A few weeks later, instinct drove the Carr brothers beyond the confederacy’s western border, where they found a group of Mexican colonists seeking refuge. The Texas bandits were ruthless, and the El Paso and Nuevo Laredo colonies were spread too thin. The brothers implored the Haasi council to allow the refugees to take residence in their territory–a motion which may not have passed if Spencer did not point out the potential of one of the displaced teenagers. Jason recognized Tripp Lopez as having the potential belonging to one of their own and recruited him, successfully acquiring their third member and teleporter in one fell swoop.

Jason Carr is a generous man to his core. He is good-natured, always seeing the bright side, and has become the big brother figure of the Semes Tribe; he’s the guy everyone turns to when they’re faced with a dilemma. He carries with him his parents’ passion for music, and his creative mind helps him out of tough situations. Even so, the trauma of losing his parents so young led to him developing depression, and that coupled with his worries over their mission has only multiplied his intrusive thoughts. He has acknowledged that, if his brother were not around, he may not see the point in continuing with the mission, though he has only expressed this to Kent. Karia learned this unintentionally and has made a point of getting closer to Jason in the hopes of preventing his suicide. However, this is something she never mentions to anyone else, so Gavin and Mona incorrectly assume that she and Jason have feelings for one another. This will lead to some awkward interactions in a trilogy that follows Saturn Rising.

When Dane and Fletcher sought the tribe out and revealed themselves as the true chief and headman, Jason bowed out gracefully, as he never saw the appeal of power. He and Spencer differ in that aspect, as his younger brother believes that Jason should not have given up his title without a fight. Speaking of fights: the Carr brothers share an ability known as weapon mimicry. They can transform their limbs into weapons–the more complex the weapon, the higher the difficulty and the focus required. They’ve both mastered firearms, though they learned they can only transform either both hands into small firearms or one arm into a large one, but not both.

Jason and his brother still visit the Haasi often, and will escort traders to Memphis in exchange for supplies–but recently, they’ve been asked to escort the traders to the outskirts of the Montgomery bandit camp, where they witness trades between the Haasi and a group of bandits unlike any they’ve met before…

For those of you who don’t know, Jason is a supporting character in my trilogy Saturn Rising, which is the first installment of The Chronicles of Life & Death. The first book, Aquarius, is available now on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. You can even read it all for free with Kindle Unlimited! Learn more here.

Want more Jason before his group becomes a major player in the main book series? Check out my blog series Lizzie’s Diary, where he and other members of the Semes Tribe made their debut!

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