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Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 54

Questions answered, happily ever after.

Happy Birthday, Mair!

She quite literally found the chief of the Semes Tribe on her doorstep one evening. She and Walter, her emotionally and sexually abusive boyfriend, had gotten into a huge fight at her mother’s place when she stormed out–and into Dane’s arms.

Happy Birthday, Kaine!

To this day, it astounds him how Tawni was able to barge her way into his life and become one of his closest friends. He tells his associates that they’re both loud-mouthed, outspoken nerds, so it was only natural for them to stick together.

The Earthbound Tribe of Semes

Semes is the center of the system, the largest nation and the most influential of the celestial bodies. Historically, the Phebeans have always been just, going out of their way to host peaceful gatherings and preside over meetings between opposing leaders.

Happy Birthday, Tawni!

Even though she also has the ability to manipulate technology, she prefers to simply request their assistance. Tawni only flexes her ability when dealing with “foreign” devices, or technology owned by people she doesn’t know, as she hasn’t attributed any identities to them.

Happy Birthday, Gabby!

Gabby played a big role in the house’s foundation, helping Karia and Mona figure out the rules they wanted to implement while also spreading the word throughout their school. She was their cheerleader, the halfway house’s best recruiter, seeking out troubled youths and encouraging them to get help.

Happy Birthday, Koji!

He’s tried to use his ability to cheer up his friends, like the time he hijacked a buck and surprised Karia and Mona after the tribe’s relocation. The encounter ended in with a confused and pissed off deer running off after wrecking the living room and tearing through the insect screen of the patio door.

Happy Birthday, Kent!

Kent is actually a diligent young man with an exceptional work ethic and a sense of honor and purpose, as evident by his choice to become a border scout after he graduated the colonial school. He’s fairly reserved, opting to listen when others think it best to speak, but he will share his opinions without any reservations once he has all the information he deems necessary.