Happy Birthday, Gabby!

It’s Gabriella Moore’s birthday! Let’s learn about the sweetest, most endearing teen psychic from the Sun.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussions and mentions of child abuse, bullying, transphobia, misgendering, dead-naming, violence, toxic behavior, alcoholism, and self-harm.
Read at your own discretion.

Basic Info:

Age in Aquarius: 16
Height: 5’8 | Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: shoulder-length, wavy, carob brown | Eyes: hazel brown
Human Race: Half-Seminole, half-Irish | Species: demon
Hailing Planet: Semes
Ability: telepathy, limited pyrokinesis
Rank: Psychic
Specialties: heat & flame sense, passive mind reading, infectious positivity
Best friends: Benji Hall, Koji Dimaculangan
Mentor: Dane Ward
Soul mate: Benji Hall

Three facts about Gabby:

  1. Gabby’s one of the tribe’s five pyrokinetic members. Her flames are hot pink!
  2. She’s recently taken up cooking and has been learning all she can from Mona & Marilyn. Her best diner is Koji, who devours everything on his plate and gives constructive feedback.
  3. Gabby has a special ability that sets her apart from other psychics, including Karia. No one knows about it except for Benji.

My thoughts on Gabby:

Growing up transgender was more than a little tough on Gabby. For one, her mother went missing when she was about four years old, so Gavin’s persistence to find a woman that she doesn’t even remember is more than a little irksome to the teen psychic. Gabby made it her life’s mission to always move forward, as looking back was far too painful. All she ever saw was a broken family devoid of a mother and whose father was a raging alcoholic on top of a bigot. He was emotionally and verbally abusive towards his children; Gabby withdrew, while Gavin lashed out. No matter what they went through, they always had each other’s backs–Gavin would stand up for and protect his little sister, and Gabby would step in and reign in her older brother.

Most trans youths adopt a new name that’s completely different from the one they were given at birth. Since Gabby knew her gender as early as eight years old, she didn’t know many names to consider. Gavin had always called her Gabby since she was a baby, a habit he picked up from their mother, so they agreed he would keep calling her that until she found a name she preferred. Eight years later, Gabby has grown so attached to her own nickname that she can’t bear to part with it. Sure, it’s a reminder of her dead name–but it’s also the only thing her mother left her, making it the only part of the past she’ll willingly hold onto.

The Moore siblings were always very careful not to reveal Gabby’s gender identity to Nathan, which led to years of a frustrated Gabriella experiencing dysphoria on a regular basis. When she was eleven, she couldn’t handle living the lie any longer and began living as herself. This was something their father would not stand for; he verbally accosted her before raising his hand against her. It was the first and last time he ever hit her, as Gavin stepped in and attacked Nathan. The neighbors and colonial medics got involved, and after a heated discussion that lasted a few hours, an agreement was made: Nathan Moore, the only guardian of Gavin and Gabriella, would work nights at the power plant, leaving before the kids arrived home around 8pm and returning sometime after 7am when they were already on their way to school. This left a few days out of the week where they had to try and coexist–in reality, the kids would just spend those three days at a friend’s house, usually Tawni & Benji’s. Marilyn had offered to take them in but rescinded her offer after a discussion with Walter, her then-boyfriend with his own toxic and abusive tendencies. It didn’t help when the older teen made a pass at little Gabby later that same week, and when confronted by Gavin regarding his comments, Walter simply shrugged and remarked, “He wants to be a girl so bad, I can show him what he’s supposed to do with a man.”

And that’s how Walter learned that, even at thirteen going on fourteen, Gavin threw a mean left hook and didn’t know when to stop punching. It took Gabby, Kaine, Kent, and Marilyn to pull the teenager off of the young man. Needless to say, Mair broke up with him after that… For a while.

Even with Nathan virtually absent from their lives and Walter kept at bay, Gabby still dealt with her fair share of bullying. Sure, many of her classmates were accepting and even encouraging, but they also tended to shrug and laugh at the “harmless jokes” made by a handful of cruel, ignorant kids. Upset over her brother’s tendency to resort to violence, she hid her bullying from him and their older friends for the longest time, convinced by her peers that the bullies didn’t know any better. Over time, their mean jokes escalated into pranks and public humiliation. Then the occasional shoulder check and glare. Then they grew progressively more physical, knocking her belongings out of her hands and shoving her against lockers. There were times when Koji or Benji was around and stepped in; Benji always managed to de-escalate using their words, while Koji shoved her bullies aside and threatened them with violence. The latter always upset Gabby even more than if he hadn’t shown up to help, as responding with aggression was exactly what she was trying to avoid. She didn’t want to be like her father, who hurt her because he was hurting; nor like her brother, who hurt others for hurting her. She couldn’t understand the point of it all, and her days swirled together like water and dirty laundry in a washing machine. Wake up, avoid her dad, get to school, avoid her bullies, get bullied anyway, listen to her “friends” laugh at her misfortune, avoid confrontation, hang out with her real friends who had no idea, avoid telling her brother about her day, go home, try to sleep through the fear that her dad could come home at any moment and raise his fist–

Gabby was thirteen when she started cutting herself. She had no desire to end her life–she insisted on living, on breathing, on getting through each day with a smile… But she cut anyway, as a means to control her pain and sorrow. She couldn’t control the way others treated her, but she could control how she responded to their treatment. Gabby was done being a punching bag: the only person allowed to cause her pain was herself. It worked for a while; it only happened every now and again, on weeks when things were really bad. Then “once in a while” became once a week, then twice, until she was running to the bathroom with a hidden razor blade on a daily basis in the hope that she hadn’t run out of skin. She always wore long sleeves anyway, so who would notice?

Benji and Koji did–and they confronted her one day at school when she was on her way to the bathroom. She tried to play it off, but Koji threatened to go to Gavin with his concerns, so she confessed to her two best friends. Benji, who was upset with Koji over his threat, promised they wouldn’t breathe a word of her self-harm to anyone without her permission–so long as she made an effort to stop. By that point, she was becoming addicted to her self-inflicted pain, but she took the deal and did her best to quit her habit. She also agreed to come to them if she ever had run-ins with school bullies, and found that discussing her problems with the two people who cared for her the most was even more cathartic than what she was doing to herself. Her bullies began to leave her alone one by one until the preteen was able to enter ninth grade in peace. It wasn’t until later that year when Koji confessed to her that he and Benji were confronting her bullies after each incident and “encouraging” them to leave her alone. Though she didn’t like their methods, she appreciated that they went so far for her sake.

Gabby has always been the sweetest, kindest, most sincere girl, which makes her troublesome childhood and teenage years all the more depressing. Life began looking up after she and Gavin moved into the halfway house as Karia’s first foster kids. Gabby played a big role in the house’s foundation, helping Karia and Mona figure out the rules they wanted to implement while also spreading the word throughout their school. She was their cheerleader, the halfway house’s best recruiter, seeking out troubled youths and encouraging them to get help. Koji began to pull away from their friend group, worrying her and Benji while bringing her closer to the nonbinary teen. The two of them entered a relationship, which became official after Gabby was recruited to the tribe and they underwent the soul mate bond.

Since her awakening, Gabby has stopped cutting altogether. She lives her days to the fullest, spurred on by her love for her partner and her loyalty to her tribe. It helps that most of the Phebeans are her close friends from the colony, all of whom adore her as if she were their own baby sister. Marilyn and Koji’s mom had taught Gabby how to cook some simple meals while she was still human, and she’s dived further into this subject as of late, seeking new recipes and ingredients to test out. Her skills are honestly hit or miss–she either cooks surprisingly well or ends up with the weirdest pile of crap on a plate you’ve ever seen. Koji eats every last bite, regardless of how bad it is–and yes, he will tell her how bad it is as he’s shoveling more into his mouth. She gets along great with everyone; Dane, Fletcher, Jason, and Spencer have become four more big brothers, all encouraging and engaging in their own right. The chief took it upon himself to teach her all he knew about psychics based on his memories of previous lives. Fletcher and Spencer are always inviting her and Benji out to play team sports, go to the beach, or even join them for scouting runs. Jason has taken it upon himself to write a song for her and Benji, which he says he’ll play at their wedding. The elder Carr brother has also caught wind of her mother’s name, which sounds vaguely familiar…

When I first created this series long, long ago, Gavin and Kent were the only real fire-wielders, and Gavin was seriously OP. I needed to balance this out somehow–the Semes Tribe shouldn’t rely on just those two, right?–so I made Gavin have less self-control, gave Kent more control, let Tripp have some agency over his teleportation flames, and gave Gabby and Karia limited pyrokinesis. However, The psychics and teleporter are the only true pyrokinetics of the bunch; they can generate and control their flames using only their minds. Gavin and Kent, on the other hand, require more movement and stamina for their flames. Supposedly, the colors of their flames are only meant to represent their personalities, but that doesn’t explain why cool and calm Kent’s flames burn hotter than those of Gavin, the tribe’s resident hot-head. The whole concept has stumped Benji for the time being–it’s on their list of “mysteries,” right after “the lost duo’s banishment” and “why Florida?”

The known fire-wielders that have been introduced to the series are as follows:

ScorchHavet TribePyric exhalationOrange-red flames; generated at will within Scorch’s body & manipulated to expel through his breath. Scorch had total control over his flames, but none over those made by external forces.
Heather BurnsZulwini TribePyromancy & some flame controlOrange-yellow flames with reddish tint; summoned by speaking words or commands in Maliseet. Heather has total control over her flames & man-made/natural fires, but not those of other pyros.
Tripp LopezSemes TribePyroportation & some flame controlOrange-yellow flames; generated whenever Tripp teleports. He can control whether or not they affect their environment, such as burning the landscape or setting fire to enemies. His flames never harm him or his passengers.
Kent DimaculanganSemes TribeAzurpyrogenesis & total flame controlBlue flames; generated at will using Kent’s mind & physical gestures. He can control both his flames & external ones, including man-made, naturally occurring, & those created by pyros. His flames burn the hottest after Karia’s.
Gavin MooreSemes TribePyrogenesis & some flame controlOrange-red flames; generated at will using Gavin’s mind & physical gestures. He has limited control over his own flames and no control over those of others.
Gabriella MooreSemes TribePyrokinesis & limited flame controlHot pink flames; generated using only Gabby’s mind. She can only control her flames, not those from external sources. Her flames are hotter than Gavin & Tripp’s but cooler than Kent & Karia’s.
Karia PetersSemes TribePyrokinesis & limited flame controlViolet flames; generated using only Karia’s mind. She can only control her flames, not those from external sources. Her flames burn the hottest.
Table of TCOLD characters with fire-related abilities.

You may do with the above information what you will. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, Gabby is a supporting character in my trilogy Saturn Rising, which is the first installment of The Chronicles of Life & Death. The first book, Aquarius, is available now on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. You can even read it all for free with Kindle Unlimited! Learn more here.

Want more Gabby before her group becomes a major player in the main book series? Check out my blog series Lizzie’s Diary, where she and other members of the Semes Tribe made their debut!

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