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Happy Birthday, Emily!

The tribe only had a few run-ins with bandits following the couple's soul mate bond, so Gray hasn't really had the chance to see Emily in action. They'll have their time in the spotlight in Taurus and the following book, as this couple will have to overcome obstacles in order to survive.

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Happy Birthday Raine!

As they grew older, Keke took the initiative in helping their parents with her sister, which forced her to grow up sooner while Raine had a relatively normal upbringing. She learned to put the tragedy of her older brother, who she could barely remember, behind her and develop emotionally through her experiences with peers.

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Happy Birthday Gray!

This nonbinary demon spends their free time messing with Gwen, challenging Rin to games, and snuggling with Emily. They fell in love with her almost instantly, though they refused to admit it--even after the pair had bonded. It took Emily's sweet nature and endless patience to pull Gray out of their shell. Their primary love language is physical touch, with words of affirmation and quality time tied for second.

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Happy Birthday Keke!

The two are close in age but the younger sister had a knack for mischief, leading Keke to learn how to negotiate with others from a young age in exchange for their silence regarding Raine's transgressions. Her antics normally consisted of minor pranks, trespassing, and sneaking off with someone's girlfriend, so there were times when Markeisha had to forego her diplomacy and let her fists do the talking.

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I published my first book!

I have spent the better part of the last decade on world-building, character creation, and research for a book series I titled The Chronicles of Life & Death. This series has been revamped and rewritten at least four separate times as characters have been added--as the story began pouring out of me. Now, I am pleased to say that I have not only completed my first book, but I have published it on Amazon.com!

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Monty – Entry XI

“She and I might have been born siblings in this life, but as far as ‘first life’ relations go, that isn’t the case. She’s nothing to me,” the demon declared, stepping back toward their original meeting place. Monty ambled along with Leah between them. “You’re her guardian now, so don’t fuck things up. Give her everything she needs and don’t fight it when she eventually leaves.”

Monty froze, his eyes lowered. Clint’s words not only stung, but reminded him of something Kris had told them just hours earlier:

“Bandits don't do well in confined spaces--they're used to traveling by any means necessary.”


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Scarlett Moon, Chapter 2

Her soft voice had trailed off, prompting her subordinate to sneak a peek in her direction. The princess’s confident mask had cracked; her blue eyes had frozen over, staring off at nothing in particular as she wrung her hands. Alice caught Scarlett’s eyes and lowered hers to the ground below, swallowing the lump in her throat so as to continue.


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