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Who’s Who: Karia of Semes

Karia, the Psychic for the Semes Tribe

Happy Birthday, Kent!

Kent is actually a diligent young man with an exceptional work ethic and a sense of honor and purpose, as evident by his choice to become a border scout after he graduated the colonial school. He’s fairly reserved, opting to listen when others think it best to speak, but he will share his opinions without any reservations once he has all the information he deems necessary.

Happy Birthday, Benji!

Their hobbies include hosting videogame tournaments with the tribe and challenging Dane and Piece to chess. They’ve beaten Dane more often than not, but Tawni’s computer is nigh unbeatable.

Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 46

As Chandra oversees the prismatic inferno, a love distinguished leads to lives extinguished. Death lies in wait to collect, as she views Life with little respect.

Happy Birthday, Spencer!

While Jason relies on his words in a confrontation, Spencer relies on his fists–and yet, he understands the responsibility that comes with his superior strength and agility, and shows great restraint when dealing with humans. This restraint is thrown out the window if the human is a bandit or known abuser.

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Jason and Spencer were born to Lyric Hale and Jude Carr, a young couple born and raised in the Haasi confederacy. The Carrs are well-known weaponsmiths for the growing community, while the Hales dabble in field medicine and border defense.

Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 39

Discussions of evil lead to randomness, randomness leads to actual thoughtful discussion, thoughtful discussion leads to fluff, and that fluff brings with it a couple revelations.