Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 6

“Liz! Where’ve you been?” His greeting broke the spell that held their friend’s attention. The two exchanged a quick, one-handed embrace before she moved on to greet Gavin in the same fashion. “Nowhere special--I just needed some space.” “Space alone or space with Mr. Sexy Biker Friend?” the junior countered, one eyebrow cocked. Lizzie’s jaw dropped. “H-He’s just a friend!” The underclassmen swapped knowing gazes as they continued toward the parking lot, shrugging off her claim. “Yeah, okay. Whatever you say.”

Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 1

There's some darkness here that they aren't telling me. There's a cloud hovering over both of them, and I can see it in their colors. Mona's reminds me of a blood orange, lots of bright fruity colors with a strong red ring in the middle. Even deeper than that--so deep I almost missed it--is the brown. It's small and deep, but so icky. I think her daddy hurts her, too, but maybe in a different way?