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Holiday Hiatus Update

Hello readers, new and old! First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by my little blog site today, regardless of whether this is your first visit or your hundredth. Secondly, if this isn’t your first visit, thank you for being a reader of mine!

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Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 4

The older man caught her slim wrist in his hand with minimal effort. “Whoa! Take it easy, kid. You can take an eye out doing that.” Lizzie spun her head around and glared at the man. Thanks to Mona’s overbearing nature, the teenager had decided to journal by the fountain in the colonial park. She…

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Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 3

27th day of December in the year 2139 Hi, Clint. Been too long. Okay, okay–too long is a bit of an understatement when it’s literally been like four years since my last entry. It’s been even longer since you’ve seen me, so I guess that kind of makes us even, doesn’t it? A lot has…

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Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 1

There's some darkness here that they aren't telling me. There's a cloud hovering over both of them, and I can see it in their colors. Mona's reminds me of a blood orange, lots of bright fruity colors with a strong red ring in the middle. Even deeper than that--so deep I almost missed it--is the brown. It's small and deep, but so icky. I think her daddy hurts her, too, but maybe in a different way?

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