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Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 17

We also created flyers and questionnaires to inform students and get them thinking about their home environments. Questions like, “Are there times when you feel unsafe in your home?” or “Is there someone in your home that you are scared to be alone with?” I lost count of how many flyers and questionnaires I handed out last Thursday, but by Friday I had a ton of students come up and ask me about the halfway house. I never realized how many colonial kids were going through situations similar to what we went through as the children of bandits. I want to give them all a chance to feel safe, to give them all a home to feel welcome and loved.

Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 16

A home for the unwanted, for even they are loved

Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 14

“What I want to know is, what happened to your brother?” Tawni wondered aloud. “I mean, he made it all the way here–you’d think he’d stick around to make sure you were cared for. Unless he went back to try to free the others, of course.”
Lizzie recalled the night of the escape and shuddered. All she remembered was the sounds of explosions, and Clint’s voice telling her to stay close as they ran to his pickup. “I think about that all the time.”

Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 9

As if on cue, Chris joined his superiors and introduced himself to the Alexa’s cousins, granting Lizzie the chance to tackle the prince.

He cackled as he caught her, holding her tightly. “If you’re going to do this every time you see me, then I might extend our ‘ride home’ deal.”

“Promise?” she whispered into his neck. He tensed and set her down, running his fingers through his hair as he caught her gaze. His cheeks were the shade of strawberries, and her own grew warm as she realized that she had done all of that in front of her friends.

Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 8

“You really believe that?” Gavin whispered from her left. She hadn’t realized he was standing so close to her.

“Yes,” she breathed softly. “Mona also said that Desideria Alagona gave Frankie her blessing to move forward with the relationship.”

Kaine and Tawni swapped appalled looks. “The old prophet? Seriously?” Tawni groaned. “I heard that she only ever does that when the two are soul mates. Frankie really is meant to be with Carmen…”

Speaking so low that only Lizzie could hear him, Gavin said, “I meant, ‘do you really believe in soul mates?’ ”

Taken aback, Lizzie turned her head to inquire about the younger teen’s question–only to be caught in his eyes. Warmth flashed across her face. “I…”


Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 7

“Nah, I didn’t actually get any heat over it,” she winked, gesturing for her passengers to buckle up. Kaine, who had called shotgun on their way to the lot, occupied the seat next to Marilyn; Gavin had lowered one of the middle-row seats into a floor compartment, allowing him and Tawni access to the third row. “If anything, I gave her shit over not giving me a head’s up. The only reason I give these losers the time of day is because Gavin drives you home every night.”


Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 6

Kaine was the first to break his attention from the odd slab of plastic. His caramel waves landed just above his shoulders, and his dark olive eyes grew large with excitement as she neared them. “Liz! Where’ve you been?”

His greeting broke the spell that similarly held their friend’s attention. The two exchanged a quick, one-handed embrace before she moved on to greet Gavin in the same fashion.

“Nowhere special–I just needed some space.”

“Space alone or space with Mr. Sexy Biker Friend?” the junior countered, one eyebrow cocked.

Lizzie’s jaw dropped. “H-He’s just a friend!”

The underclassmen swapped knowing gazes as they continued toward the parking lot, shrugging off her claim. “Yeah, okay. Whatever you say.”