Happy Birthday, Tawni!

Even though she also has the ability to manipulate technology, she prefers to simply request their assistance. Tawni only flexes her ability when dealing with “foreign” devices, or technology owned by people she doesn’t know, as she hasn’t attributed any identities to them.

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Time to learn about Tawni Hall, the tech prodigy who single-handedly brought TCOLD’s post-apocalyptic society back from the stone age.

Basic Info:

Age in Aquarius: 20
Height: 5’7 | Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: chest-length, straight, chocolate brown streaked apple-red | Eyes: hazel green
Human Race: Half-Cherokee, remainder is mixed European | Species: demon
Hailing Planet: Semes
Ability: technopathy, cyberlingualism
Rank: none
Specialties: communications sabotage, reconnaissance,
Best friend: Kaine Elliott, Karia Peters
Mentor: Dane Ward
Soul mate: to be revealed in a later installment 😉

Three facts about Tawni:

  1. What happens when you give an excitable tech wiz the ability to communicate with the very electronic devices she loves to tinker with? She ends up personifying them; her besties are Piece (a PC she built) and Bank (hacking software).
  2. She’s demi-heterosexual and aromantic, meaning she experiences no romantic attraction and only has felt sexual attraction from guys she’s felt a bond with. Her attraction to Frankie was primarily superficial and 100% in her head.
  3. She bonded with Cienna during the battle at Nashville and have remained friends, surprising her demon comrades. Tawni isn’t known for readily letting new people in.

My thoughts on Tawni:

As the eldest of the two Hall siblings in the Semes Tribe, Tawni both inherited her passionate nature and learned it from watching her parents. She saw firsthand their immense joy upon explaining their hobbies, interests, and personal or work projects, providing her with good examples for choosing a niche. In some aspects, she’s a lot more like their father, who is extroverted and outspoken regarding his love of agriculture, whereas Benji’s reserved and composed demeanor is reminiscent of their mother. Even so, her obsession with technology was first sparked by her mother’s fascination with electricity among other power sources, which is unlike how Benji came to thirst for knowledge.

Still, she loves her younger sibling even when they get on her nerves with their blunt observations, and was very protective of them growing up. Once she came to the realization that they could handle bullies and ignorant kids on their own, she backed off and let them handle their own business, since they’re very independent. Tawni, on the other hand, tends to cling to those she has bonded with, and may even imagine bonds where there are none due to her overactive imagination. She keeps these imaginary bonds to herself for the most part, so she has yet to cause any trouble.

As her ability allows her to communicate with technology, she has developed bonds with the tech she has salvaged, appointing each device she’s fixed and program she’s created its own identity and personality. Her known devices are as follows:

  • Light – her witty smartphone. Connects her with every phone device within 500 miles. Acts like she can smell smells.
  • Bank – a software she created for hacking into smart devices within 500 miles. Bank has access to all of Tawni’s computer-like devices and is Light’s boyfriend.
  • Stitch – her solar watch and Light’s twin sister who also dates Bank. She reminds Tawni of birthdays, events, missions, and also acts as a compass.
  • Piece – the desktop computer she built with encyclopedic knowledge. He has managed to access ancient archives of a collection of data called “the internet.” Annoyed by Mirror’s sexual comments but secretly adores her.
  • Mirror – the touchscreen tablet with an attachable keyboard that copies files and data from Piece whenever they’re needed and automatically deletes them from their memory afterward. She’s Tawni’s go-to device for presenting results to the tribe without packing up and transporting her computer. Also has a major crush on Piece and makes inappropriate comments toward him on a regular basis.
  • Pathfinder – her home’s robot vacuum. Quietly cleans up while everyone isn’t home or is asleep, and puts himself to charge afterward. Cries when you accidentally kick or step on him.
  • Bell 1-7 – a group of smart speakers situated around the home Tawni shares with Benji, Kaine, Gabby, and Gavin. There’s one in each bedroom, one in the kitchen, and one in the main living space. She’s considering adding future Bells to the back patio and to the second story loft. Each Bell also has nicknames given by the primary occupants of their rooms and remembers their favorite music genres, artists, and songs.
  • Sheriff Stretch – the tribe’s modem who connects to the routers in the other households and sends information to and from. He’s the law around them there parts and will shut down all communication just to prove a point. Low-key in love with Tawni, though, so he never follows through with his threats.
  • Deputy Edge and Officers Aero and Zero – the routers in the other Phebean homes. Edge resides in the largest household, while Aero and Zero live in the Carr and Ward households, respectfully. Recently, they’ve been reluctant to listen to Tawni and have only been following Stretch’s orders.
  • Bee – the giant flat screen smart television in Tawni’s living room. Very courteous, pauses every time someone walks away and won’t resume until they return. Has set a ten hour time limit to the tribe’s videogame time after a wild weekend, and is known to shut off whenever someone rage quits. The connected consoles all follow her lead.

Even though she also has the ability to manipulate technology, she prefers to simply request their assistance. Tawni only flexes her ability when dealing with “foreign” devices, or technology owned by people she doesn’t know, as she hasn’t attributed any identities to them.

She’s a fun-loving person who talks a big game but secretly suffers from low self-esteem issues. She tends to let her insecurities get in the way of her personal relationships, as evident by her friction with Karia before the latter woman’s recruitment. That actually began back when Kent started ghosting the crew as a result of his awakening; she saw his willing absence as the loss of an old friend, a person she grew up with, and felt betrayed. When she found out that Karia (as a human) knew her crush Frankie, she let jealousy sneak in and slowly began to distance herself from one of her best friends. Then Koji and Marilyn stopped coming around, fueling her feelings of inadequacies and abandonment, until they prompted Dane to recruit her as well. Her awakening elicited a sense of purpose, which she seriously lacked, and she shoved her doubts aside to put the needs of her tribe before her own. Things went well as they continued to recruit her old friends, only for the tech wiz to come face to face with Karia, who unknowingly forced Tawni to confront her own doubts regarding her living situation with the tribe, all of which were being plainly voiced by her dearest friend. Learning about the psychic’s past was eye-opening, teaching Tawni that everyone, at some point in their lives, has been made to feel weak.

Her sleep schedule is horrendous–so much so, in fact, that her many devices have rallied together to deny her access as a means of encouraging her to rest. This happens very rarely, as Mona, Marilyn, Gabby, or Karia can usually convince her to step away from her tech to recharge. Her abilities allow her to passively scan for incoming threats via tech strategically placed beyond their borders, making her the first to know if they have company–unless said company teleports directly onto their claimed territory. When she isn’t tinkering with tech or browsing the stagnant remnants of the worldwide web, Tawni is either taking a dip in one of their pools, lounging at the beach, or trying to organize their next videogame tournament.

For those of you who don’t know, Tawni is a supporting character in my trilogy Saturn Rising, which is the first installment of The Chronicles of Life & Death. The first book, Aquarius, is available now on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. You can even read it all for free with Kindle Unlimited! Learn more here.

Want more Tawni before her group becomes a major player in the main book series? Check out my blog series Lizzie’s Diary, where she and other members of the Semes Tribe made their debut!

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