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Her favorite way to pass time is to play tag with Mateo through the surrounding forests; it’s more exciting with his jaguar form and her “toy” arrows with flat rubber ends.

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The younger of the Pinho sisters, Teresa, had a birthday on September 19th. Let’s celebrate its with a character biography.

Basic Info:

Age in Aquarius: 22
Height: 5’3 | Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair: shoulder-length soot black hair | Eyes: caramel brown
Human Race: Brazilian | Species: fairy
Hailing Planet: Enki
Ability: none
Rank: none
Specialties: jiu jitsu, archery, sharpshooter, agile
Best friends: Meleni Pinho & Bisi Ventura
Mentor: Dianora Cardoso & Virgilio Fonseca
Soul mate: Mateo Esteves

Three facts about Teresa:

  1. Of the five fairies in this series, Teresa is the only one without a true ability. She still has the agility and sharp eyes of her species to aid her in battle.
  2. Her willingness to learn combat and weapon handling led her to become Virgilio’s protege. After testing her prowess with different weapons, he felt a bow and arrow suited her best.
  3. As the youngest Hermeans, she and Ignacio tend to go head-to-head in prank wars. The rest of the coven are simply casualties.

My thoughts on Teresa:

Remember in Meleni’s bio when I discussed how large the Pinho family is? Well, of the main family’s seven children, Teresa is the third-youngest. It goes Meleni, Heloisa, Daiana, Raul, Teresa, Felipe, and Diego. Thanks to the three siblings between her and Mel, Teresa is a proud tia, bringing the cool gifts to the birthday parties. Her elder siblings (and a few cousins who’ve begun having children as well) have requested that she stop gifting their kids weapons, so she’s since had to improvise. She’s learned how to whittle, carving cute critters and figurines from wood, and even trades her artistic creations for trinkets, clothes, and other “less-important” necessities.

As a fairy, her special skill is her sharpshooting skills. Sure, she could pair her eyesight with some decent firearms and take out bandits that way, but she likes the routine that goes into making her own arrows almost as much as she does concentrating on a target and loosing said arrows. She says the world seems to slow down every time she takes aim, but Virgilio chalks that up to adrenaline. While Dianora has offered to use her alchemy to create a bow and set of arrows for the young archer, Teresa prefers to carve her bows from Guajuvira wood and her arrows from Brazilian tulipwood. Her favorite way to pass time is to play tag with Mateo through the surrounding forests; it’s more exciting with his jaguar form and her “toy” arrows with flat rubber ends.

For those of you who don’t know, Teresa is a supporting character in my trilogy Saturn Rising, which is the first installment of The Chronicles of Life & Death. The first book, Aquarius, is available now on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. You can even read it all for free with Kindle Unlimited! Learn more here.

Photo by Junior REIS on Unsplash

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