The Earthbound Coven of Enki

Some more about the small coven from Mercury.

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Current Leadership

Fabian Guerrero, Priest of Enki (since September 2135)

Dianora Cardoso, Vicar to the Priest of Enki (since September 2126)

Dante Cardoso, Psychic of the coven of Enki (since September 2126)

Ignacio Abreu, Teleporter to the Priest of Enki (since July 2135)

Former Leaders

Virgilio Fonseca, Priest (September 2126-September 2135)

💁🏽 The Enki Coven actually started with Virgilio, who was the first member to awaken and seek out several of the others.

Current Members

Celia Ferreira

Mateo Esteves

Emerico Esteves

Meleni Pinho

Teresa Pinho

Onyait Souza

Bisi Ventura

Adrian Delgado

Yuliana Silva

💁🏽 This list is current as of April 2141, which is when Aquarius ends.

The small Earthbound coven hailing from the larger Coven of Enki, known by humans as the planet Mercury. Enki is one of only two covens in the solar system. They have a very close relationship with the Chandra Coven and the Huǒxīng Empire, and have a history of peaceful interactions with the Nation of Semes and the Kingdom of Zeroua. The Earthbound Hermeans have been known to get along with all groups unless provoked. They are expected to join the Jovians, Cronians, and Cythereans in the search for the Chandra Coven.

While older than, say, the Zeroua Court and Zulwini Tribe, this coven is still newer than a handful of other groups. Virgilio was the first to awaken, and he recruited his girlfriend Dianora, her sibling Dante, and their friend Celia to their cause. They’ve remained in the southern territories of Brazil, isolated from the rest of the world. Because of this, they’ve yet to create any treaties or alliances, though readers of Saturn Rising, Book One: Aquarius will immediately notice that something is amiss…

Photo by Planet Volumes on Unsplash

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Graphic made at Canva

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