Happy Birthday, Dante!

The one and only psychic, Dante Cardoso, has their birthday today! Let’s celebrate them in style with some facts about them.

Basic Info:

Age in Aquarius: 25
Height: 5’8 | Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair: medium-length, wavy, chocolate brown dyed blond, sides shaved | Eyes: hickory brown
Human Race: Brazilian | Species: Demon
Hailing Planet: Enki
Ability: telepathy, limited levitation
Rank: Psychic
Best friends: Ignacio Abreu & Emerico Esteves
Mentor: Virgilio Fonseca, Dianora Cardoso
Soul mate: none

Three facts about Dante:

  1. Though they don’t look it, they’re one of the most athletic members of the coven. Their abilities make them Onyait’s secret weapon.
  2. Not only is Dante nonbinary, but they also identify as aro-ace. They’ve used gender-neutral pronouns for over a decade.
  3. Dante may be the only member of the coven interested in joining the mission–besides Adrian, that is. They’ve been worried about their friend since his disappearance.

My thoughts on Dante:

They took the “quiet, reserved psychic” trope and chuck it out the nearest window the first chance they got–Dante is fairly extroverted, getting along well with their peers and greeting newcomers warmly. They’re also surprisingly mischievous, joining in on the prank wars between the younger members. It isn’t uncommon for them to play “lookout” and listen for the mental presence of Hermeans that may put a damper on their fun, mainly Dianora, Virgilio, Celia, and Meleni.

Like all psychics, Dante has a special ability and a disturbing psionic attack. Their special skill is levitation; they can levitate themselves and objects over a distance of thirty meters, though that distance may vary depending on how high up they try to float. It’s also not as quick as Adrian’s aerokinesis, giving the wind wielder an edge on the psychic. As for their psionic attack, Dante can trick their target into believing they are falling from a great height–when they let them finally “hit” the ground, they can feel that, too.

For those of you who don’t know, Dante is a supporting character in my trilogy Saturn Rising, which is the first installment of The Chronicles of Life & Death. The first book, Aquarius, is available now on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. You can even read it all for free with Kindle Unlimited! Learn more here.

Photo by Jonnelle Yankovich on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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