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Who’s Who: Maddy of the De Ardo Coven

Madalynn is a member of the History Club, and she plays flute in AOA’s marching band. She’s considered joining the charm club, but she’s worried that someone will discover her uncommon lineage. The only person she’s confided in is Rafael. For no particular reason…

Happy Birthday Cici!

Cienna–originally under a different name–was created as one of the first members of the Iuppiter Court. She didn’t have an ability until there was a full revamp. She’s modelled after a close friend I had in high school, and even though she’s gone through some changes, her personality is still largely the same.

Happy Birthday Rave!

Her feelings for Rush are kind of like his feelings for Dream–they began at a young age, so it’s hard to let go even when it looks like it will never happen. That’s not to say that Rush hasn’t gotten over his feelings for Dream; nowadays he’s more concerned with reaching out to his soul mate, so things are just awkward and strained between them.