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Happy Birthday Iggy!

A bit immature, Ignacio is an impulsive prankster. His jokes are all in good fun, and he knows when to back off. He comes off as an arrogant contrarian, but in reality he’s very open-minded. He just loves to debate for the sake of creating conflict. Celia has certainly reigned him in since their soul mate bond, and in return the porter has brought out the elder angel’s wild side. He’s not the best futebol player in the coven, but his teleportation gives him an edge against the opposite team.

Happy Birthday Chris!

Chris was one of the first teleporters I ever created. He’s based off a friend I had in high school. I hung out with “outcasts”; goths, punks, skaters, stoners, anime nerds… That’s who I based many of my first characters off of.

Happy Birthday Wells!

He’s very calm, cool-headed, flexible. He isn’t stubborn or impulsive. He carefully weighs his options before he acts, to the point where he occasionally gives orders to Gin. While this is unorthodox for a spirit group–especially a court–the two are best friends and on equal footing, so to have one give the other orders is seen less as disrespectful and more like friendly suggestions. When he isn’t with the court, he’s out scouting for a large, empty home for them to move into. The ranch has only grown more crowded over the years.

Happy Birthday Shouta 翔太!

Shouta was not the first Martian mentioned in the series, but they were the first to appear. I don’t believe will see them again in Saturn Rising, but they will have their time in a future TCoLD series.

Happy Birthday Rave!

Her feelings for Rush are kind of like his feelings for Dream–they began at a young age, so it’s hard to let go even when it looks like it will never happen. That’s not to say that Rush hasn’t gotten over his feelings for Dream; nowadays he’s more concerned with reaching out to his soul mate, so things are just awkward and strained between them.

Monty – Entry IX

She was the younger sister to Lorenzo and Matteo, the mother of Sam and Ricky, the only aunt to the Alagona youths. Her thick hair framed her heart-shaped face, only a few white strands visible among the raven waves. Her once fern-green eyes were blanketed by a cloudy fog; when she used her telepathic abilities, her irises turned a deep indigo. The shift in eye color did not aid with the councilperson’s sight, but it did grant her visions of the future. She was the psychic before Alexa was recruited, the prophetess the elders turned to when making major decisions.


Monty – Entry VIII

He knew the boundaries of their colony. He had seen the map of their borders and outposts plenty enough to know the truth. Their claimed territory was beyond that of the original city of Savannah; their reach went as far south as Fort McAllister and as north as the wildlife refuge that shared their namesake, but technically sat on the other side of the Georgia-South Carolina border. Everything between those two points and the ocean was under their protection, and they had outposts at Lanier, Richmond Hill, and Limehouse. All the land south of them was deemed “no man’s land,” overrun by scavengers and too dangerous to travel. Florida–alas, what was not underwater–was completely abandoned.