Monty – Entry III

The children of angels were born human and, if they were the vessels for a spirit that had yet to return to Earth, would have their true selves awakened by the sitting prince. This typically occurred at a young age for the Jovians, but there had yet to be a single prince to unlock the potential in Mona’s soul. In Matteo Alagona’s eyes, his daughter was a mistake--the only human in a family of angels.

Monty – Entry II

The young human continued to watch the spirit, peering at him through a mess of umber locks. She shook fervently as a gust of fall passed through the heart of the park, forcing the child to hug herself more tightly. In her shifting, he noticed a large black spot through the rips in her top, an uneven splattering against her side.

Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 1

There's some darkness here that they aren't telling me. There's a cloud hovering over both of them, and I can see it in their colors. Mona's reminds me of a blood orange, lots of bright fruity colors with a strong red ring in the middle. Even deeper than that--so deep I almost missed it--is the brown. It's small and deep, but so icky. I think her daddy hurts her, too, but maybe in a different way?

Monty – Entry I

Monty Alagona was seventeen years old. He was the only son to Matteo and Veronica. His only sibling was his identical twin sister, Mona. He had two older cousins and one younger, the latter of which was his favorite person after his best friend, Connor Montgomery. He was named for his grandfather, Montague Sr., who had passed away before he was born. He lived a normal, boring, predictable life.