S.o.t.S. Entry #10

A person stands in a dark room, wearing dark clothing and covering their face with their hands; only their right eye and nose are visible. A wrinkled dark sheet hangs behind them as they gaze into the camera.
Photo credit: Melanie Wasser via Unsplash

So things haven’t been so great lately… Shit, bad Gina. Talk about the positives first.

A new girl moved here from the city. No one had really seen or spoken with her until she showed up at Bully’s one day with a guitar. She sat at one of Mo’s tables, and the two of them really hit it off! Which is good, since Mo hasn’t really had luck making friends since–

Goddamnit, girl. Positive.

Anyway, the new chick’s name is Brigit, and I really dig her vibes. I think Kat digs something else about her… And to that I say, “Thank the gods!” It’s about time. She deserves to move on almost as much as Mo–the only person who deserves closure even more than them is Darya.

... Okay, it is really hard to stay positive. Darya’s gone off the deep end, and her nervous breakdown is dragging the rest of us with her. First she tells us that she’s been hallucinating monsters who watch her sleep. Then she puts off meeting Bri–and when I drag her to the park, she freaks out that we “brought a stranger.” I personally think she just hasn’t gotten over that asshole she was with, and seeing one of our friends in a new relationship probably doesn’t help with that.

I’ve been trying to get her to quit describing her hallucinations to Mo in detail, and to instead come to me. Mo doesn’t have the emotional or spiritual resolve to deal with that shit–I do. Now I have Mo calling me up telling me that Cece is running around the trailer, talking to imaginary friends.

A kid with an imaginary friend? Wow, unbelievable! 🙄

That’s not even the worst part–that bitch stole my book of shadows. She took it by the falls and spoke an incantation that’s meant to calm you and aid you in warding off negative energy. She went into it with strong negative emotions, and now she’s… Empty.

I warned her not to take my book without permission. She brought this on herself.

– Gina

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P.S. – the new girl has a show coming up! I wonder if she’s any good? 🤔

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