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Who’s Who: Wihn of the De Ardo Coven

As an only child, she’s accustomed to getting her way. Her mother, Bronwyn Nurse, is a prominent politician in the occult world and founder of Essence, a popular mortal fashion magazine.

Who’s Who: Ember of the Hawkins Coven

Ember has more mortal friends that they do magickal friends. It’s not that they dislike other witches and magickal beings–it’s because they grew up in the Hawkins Coven, where the only witches close to their age are cis-males.

Who’s Who: Lilly of the Naismith Coven

Lilly dated a human boy named Dashiel during their middle school years. The two have taken a break since the winter before Lilly’s time at the Academy–she has yet to tell her friends why that is.