Who’s Who: Arabela of the Luna Coven

Scroll down for a pronunciation guide.

Name: Arabela Claudia Luna

Identity: cisgender female

Birth Date: 1st of October

Year: Senior

Height: 1.63 m

Hair: curly chocolate brown dyed midnight black with turquoise/cobalt ombre

Orientation: bisexual

Age: 18

Zodiac: Libra

Weight: 54.4 kg

Eyes: midnight black

Complexion: smooth tawny with cool pink undertones

Classification: Enchanter

Species: Witch

Specialty(ies): water magick, curses, hexes, charm bags, healing

Greatest fear: not being taken seriously

Interested in:

  • the beach
  • café con leche
  • tiramisu, flan, & chocolate
  • fantasy romance novels
  • hip-hop, reggaetón, lo-fi

Disinterested in:

  • bullies
  • bugs
  • cooking
  • country music

Random Facts:

1. Arabela is the eldest daughter of Emiliano Torres and Yulieta Luna. Her sisters–Isabela, twins Amabel and Maribel, Rosabela, and Norabel–are all thirteen, ten, seven, and four, respectively. Ara doesn’t mind taking care of all of them; Isa helps her diligently, while together the elder sisters convince the twins to aid in caring for the youngest. Rosita is reserved, and Nora is a little darling.

2. Her father is the brother of Eduardo Torres, making her and Sirena Torres paternal cousins. The Torres brothers own and manage a chain of boat rental stores along the east & Gulf coasts. The Luna family, on the other hand, own a growing chain of high-end stores that sell the latest fashion in clothing and accessories. The boat rental business is simply called Two Bros Boating, while the Luna’s store chain is called Divina.

3. The Luna Coven’s brand of witchcraft can be boiled down to one religion: Santeria, which is a blend of Catholicism and the polytheistic beliefs of the Yoruba people. The younger members have further mixed wiccan elements into their practices.

4. Arabela is a member of the Drama/Theater Club, International Language Club, the School Choir, and the Environmental Club. She is especially passionate about cleaning up beaches, oceans, and wetlands, and has taken part in many merfolk and fey fundraisers revolving around the topic.

5. She aspires to be a famous singer and actress. Her plans for the future include attending a notable university, taking acting and vocal lessons, and (hopefully) debuting in a musical where she can represent su gente.

Notes on Pronunciation:

(soften your consonants 😉 )

Arabela/Ara = “ah-dah-beh-lah”/”ah-dah”
Claudia = “cl-ow-dee-ah”
café con leche = “cah-feh-cohn-leh-cheh”
reggaetón = “rr-eh-geh-tohn”
Emiliano = “eh-me-lee-ah-noh”
Torres = “toh-rr-ehs”
Yulieta = “joo-lee-eh-tah”
Isabela/Isa = “ee-sah-beh-lah”/”ee-sah”
Amabel = “ah-mah-behl”
Maribel = “mah-di-behl”
Rosabela/Rosita = “roh-sah-beh-lah”/”roh-see-tah”
Norabel/Nora = “noh-rah-behl”/”noh-rah”
Eduardo = “eh-doo-wahr-doh”
Sirena = “see-deh-nah”
Divina = “dee-vee-nah”
Santeria = “sahn-teh-dee-ah”
su gente = “soo hehn-teh”

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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Graphic made at Canva

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