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Who’s Who: Luke of the Salem Pack

Luke’s a powerhouse of muscle and strength; he’s the goalie for the football team, a shot stopper who’s caught the eye of various recruiters. Since it’s the only club he’s officially a member of, it’s where he spends the majority of his weekends–unless there’s some sort of festival or contest going on.

Who’s Who: Imani of the Bangui Pride

Her specialties are 300 meter intermediate and low hurdles, watercolor paintings, and expressionist illustrations of landscapes, still life, and the occasional portrait. She also knows how to carve figures and designs from wood, but it’s not her preferred artform.

Who’s Who: Beck of the Salem Pack

The Vizcayas are descended from weredogs, one of the five aswang (or occult being) that dominate their home country. This makes him somewhat smaller than the average werewolf; in beast form, even Finn is a little bigger than Beck, despite the latter boy being older and having a human form that is taller and leaner.

Who’s Who: Mori of the Hollywood Pack

He’s been known to volunteer at community centers and a local foster care centers, playing requested songs with one of his guitars for the youth and elderly. He claims he’s just racking up volunteer hours that’ll look good on college applications and resumes, his day is virtually ruined if he doesn’t get to perform as scheduled.

About The Denver Pack

Though influential in terms of local human businesses, the Denver Pack isn’t known for their professional influence in the occult world beside their strength and protection of those in their territory. In the past, they have been known to influence elections and policies with their opinions and sway over the Hunter community.

About The Salem Pack

The Salem wolves have a great relationship with the other North American werewolves; as the most numerous shifter demographic, they’re the unofficial peacekeepers among the Hunters in that region. They’re specifically protective over mainly sirens and the dwindling werecat community.