Who’s Who: Rina of the Salem pack

Name: Sarina Daniela Jimenez

Identity: cisgender female

Birth Date: 28th of January

Year: Senior

Height: 1.57 m

Hair: curly, chest-length, chocolate brown with caramel highlights

Orientation: heterosexual

Age: 18

Zodiac: Aquarius

Weight: 49.9 kg

Eyes: caramel brown

Complexion: light pinkish-fawn with cool rose undertones

Classification: Hunter

Species: Werewolf

Specialty(ies): agility, flexibility, acute eyesight

Greatest fear: being underestimated

Interested in:

  • fashion
  • dancing
  • politics (to everyone’s surprise)
  • Sline & Twixie
  • hip hop, reggaeton, bolero, cumbia, romantic ballads, r&b, EDM/trap

Disinterested in:

  • boring people
  • country music, heavy rock & metal
  • sports
  • dark comedies, slapstick, arthouse
  • STEM assignments

Random Facts:

1. Sarina is the Senior Class Representative on the Hunter Student Council, a consultant in the Fashion Club, plays the bass drum in AOA’s marching band, and a member of the Honey Bees dance team. Her father, Jesus Jimenez, is both a local politician and a junior Hunter delegate, inciting her interest in politics and inter-class relations. Her mother, Susana Coronil, is a former model and TV personality, adding to Rina’s flair for the dramatic. They also passed on their acute eyesight and agility, respectively, to their children. Esteban, their only son, is the eldest, with Sarina, Diana, and Melina following not long after.

2. Rina’s father is Mexican-American and her mother is Belizean-American, so her childhood was filled with music, dancing, good food, and laughter. She considers herself a native speaker in both English and Spanish, her parents’ music tastes have influenced hers and her dance styles, and she can cook the most basic recipes. Panades, migas, tamales, fajitas, and of course el matrimonio, rice and kidney beans.

3. Though she dislikes violence, Sarina is a talented fighter, and trains regularly in the event that her pack needs her. We’ll catch a glimpse of this very soon in the main series.

4. As best friends, Rina and Dani share everything–which means that she knows about Danivyn’s reservations toward Luke and their relationship. Sarina wants more than anything to tell him how the whole situation has made her best friend feel, but she doesn’t want to go behind Dani’s back. This has put a strain on her and Luke’s friendship, as the two had become like siblings after he and Dani started dating. It’s also made Rina extremely anxious in the wake of her 18th birthday, as she has yet to discover the identity of her own fated partner.

5. A certain witch with a camera who comes by the Fashion Club to take pictures for the yearbook has caught her eye, and Sarina isn’t sure how she feels about this. On the one hand, she wants to pursue her feelings–on the other, she doesn’t want to break his heart when she inevitably finds her fated partner. Decisions, decisions…

Photo by Judeus Samson on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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