About The Salem Pack

Ranked Members

Ruby Danvers – Alpha, 2004-present

Eliyah Howard – Beta, 2003-present

Jesus Jimenez – Gamma, 2001-present

Cearra Moses – Delta, 2020-present

💁🏽 The alpha is the top wolf, the leader of the entire pack who oversees all. The beta is their right-hand, their second in command who handles the training regimen, schedules, mission assignments, and steps in to pick up the alpha’s slack if necessary. Next in line is the gamma, or the third-highest ranked member, who manages all the finances for pack-related activities, events, and missions. They’re also in charge of housing arrangements for their members. The delta, often considered the final ranked member of the pack, is the pack’s strongest and most skilled fighter. The beta may decide when training happens, but it’s the delta’s job to make sure everyone not only sticks with it, but to push everyone to their limits. Some packs have official epsilon and zeta ranks, but the former is usually the assistant for the delta while the latter is the secretary for the ranked members. The Birmingham Pack may be the only pack in existence to consider them official ranked members.

Most ranked members are given their official status at age 21, and they remain in power until they either die, are stripped of their title by the alpha (or in the alpha’s case, are voted out), or their firstborn turns 21 years old and takes over. Since werewolves typically begin having children around their twenty-first birthday, they usually only last about twenty-one years, anyway. Only those with alpha blood can be alphas; same with betas and gammas. Their fated partners are considered to hold equal rank to them; non-fated partners are not held to the same standard. Deltas, on the other hand, can be anyone regardless of their lineage; the only requirement is that they are the pack’s best fighter.

Former Ranked Members

Zakari Moses – Delta, 2010-2020

Moses Danvers – Alpha, 1987-2004

Antonne Howard – Beta, 1982-2003

Gael Jimenez – Gamma, 1981-2001

Harley Norwood – Delta, 2000-2010

Ivy Green – Delta, 1990-2000

Ezrah Woods – Alpha, 1982-1987

Liddell Woods – Alpha, 1960-1982

Lyonel Howard – Beta, 1962-1982

Benito Jimenez – Gamma, 1960-1981

Remington Barber – Delta, 1980-1990

💁🏽 The Woods family was the sole alpha bloodline in the Salem Pack before Moses Danvers moved his family onto their territory and joined as a normal subordinate. Tensions mounted during Ezrah’s short reign, so much so that even Antonne and Gael–his respective second and third–felt it necessary to hold a vote to have his rank removed. As an only child, Ezrah had no siblings to take up the mantle on his behalf, and his newly retired father had no plans to bail out his arrogant son. Moses, the only other alpha of age in the pack, was entrusted with the title.

Future Ranked Members

Zander Woods – Alpha, 17

Lucas Howard – Beta, 18

Esteban Jimenez – Gamma, 20

Jettson Danvers – Alpha, 17

Whitney Shepard – Beta, 17

Sarina Jimenez – Gamma, 18

💁🏽 The first set of ranked members are the next officially recognized pack members that are assured to hold rank. The next set are members who can hold rank unofficially in the event that the first set are killed or removed from office. Incapacitation due to illness or injury doesn’t count; those are considered temporary, so the next ranked member in line steps up to handle the affairs of their superior until they’ve recovered.

Don’t see delta? That’s because the new delta is elected every decade based on their combat prowess, strength, and overall battle capabilities. The next one won’t be chosen until 2030–unless something happens to Cearra.

Current Members

Derrick Woods

Susana Coronil

Alice Gray

Amiyah Howard

Mariyah Howard

Eugene Howard

Coleman Norwood

Branson Norwood

Gracie Green

Mia Green

Phoebe Green

Libby Green

Hannah Green

Jesse Green

Gene Green

Shay Rose

Aiden Green

Lola Rose

River Rose

Thaddeus Piper

Ellis Piper

Owen Piper

Cobalt Danvers

Jensen Piper

Allie Guerra

Eva Gaines

Karver Gaines

Irvin Barber

Nicholas Piper

Kellen Piper

Danivyn Norwood

Beckett Rose

Estelle Shepard

Phineas Piper

Daryn Norwood

Cycelea Moses

Tivonte Gaines

Jontray Gaines

Zharvis Barber

Diana Jimenez

Melina Jimenez

Georgina Piper

💁🏽 This is just a sample size of the might of the Salem Pack. They may have originated from Salem, Massachusetts, but their territory extends as far north as the US-Canadian border, as far south as New Jersey, and as far west as Pittsburgh. There are plans in place to extend their reach further out in those three directions; however, they’d have to manage this without stepping on the toes of the Winnipeg Pack. They are the second-biggest pack in the continental US, and the third-biggest in the world.

The Salem Pack is still fairly new compared to other werewolf communities. It was founded around mid-19th century by Spencer Woods, Norman Howard, and Rafe Jimenez. Their fated partners were all humans who they trusted with their magickal identity, and they encouraged the other wolves they recruited to their pack to scour the local town for fated partners as well. This means the first official generation of Salem werewolves were all half-breeds, all of which could shift sometime after puberty. A great deal of them found their fated partner in another human, continuing the cycle, while fate brought the remaining wolves either to one another or to the occasional rogue in their area. By the fifth generation, most of the pups born were full-blooded werewolves.

The Salem wolves have a great relationship with the other North American werewolves; as the most numerous shifter demographic, they’re the unofficial peacekeepers among the Hunters in that region. They’re specifically protective over mainly sirens and the dwindling werecat community. They also got along well with their local covens, particularly the Naismith, Young, and Towne covens. They’ve been playing nice with the De Ardo Coven, but they don’t trust them too much.

While quite a few members are in politics or law enforcement, there are plenty of family businesses amok in the pack. Howard Wholesale, a food distribution company that works closely with suppliers like Piper Pond Fishing Charters and local restaurants like The Spicy Salmon. It isn’t uncommon for the teenaged pack members to be employed by one of these three companies as their first job.

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

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