About The Denver Pack

Ranked Members

Noctifer “Nox” Cloud – Alpha, 2017-present

Yesenia Xirau – Luna, 2020-present

Paisley Prescott – Beta, 2003-present

Avery Thunder – Gamma, 2004-present

Hendrix Arthur – Delta, 2020-present

💁🏽 While it’s universally accepted that the fated partners of ranked members are to be regarded with the same respect as their ranked mates, the Denver Pack is unique in that the alpha’s partner is given the title of Luna. This relies on the alpha always being male, and his partner being female; should either party identify differently, they would both be referred to as alpha. Nox caused quite a stir when he met his fated partner Yesenia and introduced her to the pack as their new Luna–she’s the first heir of the Xirau Coven, a small witch coven based in nearby Colorado Springs, and the only witch to become a Luna in the history of the Denver Pack. It’s been almost a year since she took on the role, and she’s improved witch-werewolf relations exponentially.

Former Ranked Members

Heath Arthur – Delta, 2010-2020

Drew “Dusty” Cloud – Alpha, 1996-2017

Norma “Star” Cloud – Luna, 1996-2017

Ash Rogers – Delta, 2000-2010

Gail Thunder – Gamma, 1983-2004

Emery Whitehead – Beta, 1982-2003

Landon Arthur – Delta, 1990-2000

Frederick Murray – Delta, 1980-1990

Future Ranked Members

Rayn “Ray” Cloud – Alpha, 22

Rosetta Prescott – Beta, 18

Rigby Thunder – Gamma, 17

Maelstrom “Storm” Cloud – Alpha, 14

Hazel Prescott – Beta, 14

Joel Thunder – Gamma, 17

💁🏽 As with all packs, two sets of auxiliary ranked members are decided upon by birth order. Twins Rigby and Joel are both gammas by birthright, but since Rigby was born first, he is the next gamma in line should anything befall Avery.

Current Members

Jess Ashley

Jaxson Ashley

Glenn Whitehead

Shay Whitehead

Lee Rogers

Tatum Thunder

Joslyn Thunder

Cody Thunder

Arielle Arthur

Xander Arthur

Ethan Day

Lesley Day

Aubrey Day

Orion Hart

Dariel Quinones

Arielys Quinones

Lynn Hart

Eloise Murray

Leon Murray

Everett Brant

Basil Swan

Anise Swan

Harlow Prescott

Thomas Whitehead

Myra Whitehead

Vivienne Arthur

Cinnamon Swan

Todd Murray

Fatima Quinones

Saffron Swan

Pepper Swan

Colt Daniel

Yarieliz Quinones

Rosemary Swan

Rue Swan

Armando Quinones

Tarragon Swan

Jenyfer Arthur

Mya Arthur

Link Arthur

Rhett Arthur

Rune Xirau

Circe Xirau

The Denver Pack is one of the oldest and largest packs in the continental U.S., founded in the 14th century by Ouray, Isatai, and Nova, werewolf warriors from the Ute, Comanche, and Hopi tribes. They’ve absorbed werewolves from all over the Midwest as their massive territory expanded, ranging as far west as Nevada, as far north as Montana, as far east as Missouri, and as far south as Texas. As European influence over the country grew, wolves from all backgrounds joined the pack, mixing with the original families to create the dominant bloodlines we see today. The Clouds are descended from Ouray, the Whiteheads from Isatai, and the Thunders from Nova.

As with most werewolf packs, which dominate their lands, the Denver Pack has become the primary protectors of Hunters and Enchanters in their territory; particularly, the Xirau, Zaldivar, and Porter covens, with only the Mexico-based Zaldivars being influential enough to attend AOA. Tensions between the Denver Pack and vampires are high, though, so there are few covens that stick around. The Harding and Morales covens pass through on occasion and are few in numbers.

Though influential in terms of local human businesses, the Denver Pack isn’t known for their professional influence in the occult world beside their strength and protection of those in their territory. In the past, they have been known to influence elections and policies with their opinions and sway over the Hunter community. This has only shifted within the past forty years, when Charlie Cloud founded Moondust Industries, a research facility that focuses on meteorological and geological findings. They’ve amassed enough of a mortal following that allows them to fund STEM education across the country on top of local businesses. With their help, the Swan family’s daycare facility, Rock-A-By Playgroup, has been able to open several locations across the Midwest, and the Arthur family’s hotel chain Malachite Crown was able to expand throughout North America. The Denver Pack has even helped to fund Mexcellent, the restaurant chain owned by the main family of the Sonora Pounce, so that the Covarrubias family could open locations in Colorado. This is in the hopes that Denver Pack youth could experience their first jobs in the food and hospitality fields.

Photo by Philippe Montes on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva
A close snapshot of the moon, only a sliver visible as the rest is shrouded in darkness, blending in with the pitch-black background. Text over the image reads, "Want updates on the latest blogs? Follow Natasha Penn on social media!" Beneath the moon are the logos for Twitter and Reddit accompanied by the username "nattypenn," and beneath that is the old logo for Instagram with the username "nattypennwastaken."
Graphic made at Canva

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