Who’s Who: Storm of the Denver Pack

Name: Maelstrom “Storm” Cloud

Identity: nonbinary

Birth Date: 22nd of April

Year: Freshman

Height: 1.78 m

Hair: straight thick licorice black

Orientation: unspecified

Age: 14

Zodiac: Taurus

Weight: 68 kg

Eyes: dark grayish olive green

Complexion: light wheat with cool pink undertones

Classification: Hunter

Species: Werewolf

Specialty(ies): agile, adaptable, keeping a level head

Greatest fear: drowning literally, socially, and emotionally

Interested in:

  • making a statement
  • standing out/disrupting the flow
  • horrorcore, emo rap, cloud rap, punk rock
  • singing
  • skateboarding
  • cinnamon-flavored desserts & drinks (this is a new discovery)
  • Cinnamon (this is not new)

Disinterested in:

  • fitting in
  • gendered pronouns
  • sports and exercise (except skateboarding)
  • people who try too hard
  • pack hierarchy
  • their parents’ expectations
  • Vivienne

Random Facts:

1. Storm is third in line to lead the Denver Pack of werewolves; their brother, Nox, recently took over as alpha, and their sister Ray teaches the Transformation Basics and Anatomy & Physiology of a Shapeshifter courses at AOA.

2. The former alphas, Norma “Star” Cloud and Drew “Dusty” Cloud, are spending their retirement traveling the world. Nox’s too busy to care for his sibling, and Ray is living at the academy to avoid paying for an apartment, so Storm has been staying with their neighbors, the Swans.

3. Storm grew up with Cinnamon Swan, so they don’t care for her family’s low status in the pack. They’ve always seen her as their oldest and closest friend.

4. The heir’s transformation is still not entirely under their control; Cinnamon has been helping them with tips and emotional support, but something seems to not click for Storm. They’re afraid that going to Nox or Ray for help will spread rumors.

5. Storm discovered that Ray has been secretly seeing Cobalt Danvers, Jett’s uncle and the AOA professor for the Assimilation course. They’re intentionally keeping this secret until they need a favor from either professor.

6. They’re only a little jealous that Cinnamon and Jett are friends–and they won’t even admit that much.

7. They own an electric guitar, a bass, and an acoustic guitar, but they only ever play to come up with music for their band, Empty Obsessions–an apt name as the group is only a concept at the moment. They don’t know how to read or write music, so they record videos of them playing and keep them for their future band members.

8. Other than starting their own band, they don’t plan on joining any other extracurricular activities… Except maybe Animal Rescue. And the Environmental Club. The fact that Cinnamon has expressed interests in those clubs is not important.

9. Despite their lazy image, they’re a solid B student. They’re best subject is language arts.

10. They can be found most nights on the roof of their empty home with Cinnamon, stargazing and discussing nothing in particular while fighting over what music to play.

Photo by Bruno Bueno from Pexels

Graphic made at Canva

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