Who’s Who: Axel of the de Ardo Coven

Art by @oveikeii

Name: Axel “Ax” de Ardo

Identity: cisgender male

Birth Date: 10th of August

Year: Sophomore

Height: 1.73 m

Hair: short blonde curls

Orientation: pansexual

Age: 174 (17)

Zodiac: Leo

Weight: 59 kg

Eyes: ice blue

Complexion: pale with blush undertones

Classification: Haunter

Species: Vampire

Specialty(ies): great self-control for his second year of the Academy, shapeshifting, alluring to non-magickal humans

Greatest fear: being abandoned

Interested in:

  • chocolate-covered anything
  • crashing parties
  • sneaking into movies
  • punk/emo genres (and, though he’d never admit it, folk rock)
  • attention
  • virgin blood
  • foods that are a combination of sweet and either spicy or sour
  • making Val and Cari smile

Disinterested in:

  • being ignored
  • (un)intentionally doing wrong by others
  • almost any physical activity (even though he excels at gym)
  • Western films
  • when the body’s already cold
  • when his friends are targeted
  • Jude
Sketch of Axel in his AOA drip. He never buttons his blazer or tucks in his shirt, but at least he rocks the Oxfords! Art by oveikeii

Random Facts:

  1. Axel was born Axelrod Hausmannin on the tenth of August 1844 in St. Louis, Missouri. Following his adoption by the de Ardo coven, he changed his name to Axel de Ardo. This is unprecedented, as even vampire covens do not consider themselves family and will not take any surname long-term as to make identity concealment easier.
  2. His father was a farmer and, when he wasn’t attending school (or Sunday school), he was helping his father tend to their land.
  3. When Axel was chosen to become a vampire, he refused to follow his mentor and stayed with his family.
  4. It was not until the winter of 1862 that Antonia de Ardo found the young vampire alone on the farm, mourning his parents. She took him in, using her magick to aid him in controlling his blood lust as she guided his training.
  5. Axel witnessed six generations of the de Ardo witches, each successor outshining the last.
  6. While Axel is closer to Cari than he is to Val, he and the de Ardo heir do share a couple of secrets between the pair.
  7. Despite being the oldest vampire student at the academy, he cannot compel non-Haunters as well as others in his species; as a result, he relies on his allure and wit to elicit his desires out of non-magickal beings.
  8. When asked, he will say his favorite time and place was Woodstock 1969. His actual most revered time was back in the 1880s.
  9. There have been rumors around the academy that Gal and Axel are dating. In reality the two are very close platonic friends, each with their eyes on different prospective partners.
  10. Axel has been secretly learning British sign language.
Art by oveikeii ♠️
Graphic made at Canva
A close snapshot of the moon, only a sliver visible as the rest is shrouded in darkness, blending in with the pitch-black background. Text over the image reads, "Want updates on the latest blogs? Follow Natasha Penn on social media!" Beneath the moon are the logos for Twitter and Reddit accompanied by the username "nattypenn," and beneath that is the old logo for Instagram with the username "nattypennwastaken."
Graphic made at Canva

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