Who’s Who: Gerardo of the Serafim Coven

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Name: Gerardo “Lalo” Farias Serafim

Identity: cisgender male

Birth Date: 2 of September

Year: Senior

Height: 1.8 m

Hair: short, deep mahogany brown, curly

Orientation: heterosexual

Age: 17

Zodiac: Virgo

Weight: 61.7 kg

Eyes: soot brown

Complexion: light tawny with warm olive undertones

Classification: Enchanter

Species: Witch

Specialty(ies): chloromancy, zoolingualism, potions and antidotes, magick duels

Greatest fear: falling in line

Interested in:

  • puzzles, escape rooms, and complex equations
  • queijadinhas, vanilla flavor and scent
  • walking through the forest
  • historical nonfiction, philosophy, research notes from famous healers, finance podcasts
  • gardening, botany
  • classical, contemporary chamber, electroacoustic, and Brasileiro-pop fusion
  • Galiana

Disinterested in:

  • Nethru and Sline (what’s the point?)
  • fiction that defies logic (fantasy)
  • cramped/enclosed spaces
  • when visual media uses “sexposition”
  • the beach (too many people)
  • mushrooms
  • Lenora

Random Facts:

1. Gerardo is the only son of Marcelo Serafim and Luana Farias; the latter is the head of their coven, while the former is the second-eldest daughter from the infamous Farias family, which boasts the most practitioners of faunamancy in the world. Even so, the primary affinity of the Serafim Coven is chloromancy, so Gerardo has focused more on honing that magick. He does, however, speak to animals and familiars easily, which makes communicating with his jaguar familiar, Alexio, abundantly easy.

2. While he has several cousins from both sides of his family, Gerardo doesn’t consider himself close to any of them and has counted himself lucky to not have attended AOA during a time when any of them were enrolled. The closest friends he’s ever had were Vitor Antunes and Breno Calixto, older witches who graduated during his term–not including his childhood relationship with Gal.

3. He has yet to tell anyone, but Gal’s culinary passion intrigued him so much that he’s been taking secret cooking lessons… From Gal’s grandmother. For reasons.

4. Though he’d never admit to being passionate about anything other than leading his coven, Gerardo has long been interested in STEM fields and subjects. He’s the vice president of AOA’s STEM Club, which covers subjects like chemistry, calculus, potions, biology, statistics, economics, and anatomy. He’s also the secretary for the Enchanter Student Council, co-captain of the High Flyers Club, and plays clarinet in the school marching band, where he holds first chair.

5. Marcelo Serafim is the CEO of Jaci Tecnologias, a massive multinational corporation comprised of several pharmaceutical brands and consumer health products. While he doesn’t think Gerardo needs to be as interested in STEM subjects in order to enter the family business, he’s appreciative of his son’s quiet tenacity and supports Gerardo’s hobbies and interests. Marcelo also considers Zilda and Gilberto, Gal’s parents, as his childhood friends, and the Ribeiro family has contributed several chemists, alchemists, and healers to Jaci Tech… This may be where rumors of Gerardo and Gal’s engagement stem from.

Notes on Pronunciation:

Gerardo = “zheh-rah-doo”
Lalo = “lah-loo”
Farias = “fah-dee-ahs”
Serafim = “seh-rah-feeng”
Queijadinhas = “kehy-zhah-jee-nyah”
Brasileiro = “brah-zee-lehy-roo”
Marcelo = “mahr-seh-loo”
Luana = “lew-ah-nah”
Alexio = “ah-lek-see-oo” (Greek)
Vitor = “vee-tohr”
Antunes = “ahn-too-eys”
Breno = “breyh-noo”
Calixto = “kah-leek-stoo”
Jaci = “yah-see”
Tecnologias = “tehk-noh-loh-hyas”
Zilda = “zeew-dah”
Gilberto = “zheew-beh-too”
Ribeiro = “hee-behy-roo”

Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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