Who’s Who: Max of the Quercini Coven

Name: Massimo Lucio “Max” Quercini

Identity: cisgender male

Birth Date: 20th of July

Year: Junior

Height: 1.78 m

Hair: short wavy black hair

Orientation: heterosexual

Age: 17

Zodiac: Cancer

Weight: 65.8 kg

Eyes: umber brown

Complexion: smooth beige with warm coral undertones

Classification: Enchanter

Species: Witch

Specialty(ies): wordless magick, defensive magick, charms, astronomy, quick reflexes

Greatest fear: failing his father

Max is ready for anything! Sketch by oveikeii

Interested in:

  • football (Go Striders!)
  • chocolate
  • Western films
  • he is THE video game boy (he is the one who wins)
  • some EDM (as long as he can game to it)
  • spicy foods
  • streaming

Disinterested in:

  • most music (just doesn’t get it)
  • social media (also doesn’t get it)
  • chemistry
  • drama
  • the other witch heads (except Renette)
  • dancing (just, why?)
  • losing

Random Facts:

1. Max is the son of Alfonso Quercini, the head of the Quercini Coven, and a mortal woman. She passed away during childbirth, so he never knew her. It isn’t uncommon for the mortal parent of a witch child to die from complications or an accident of some sort on the day they are born.

2. Diego and Oreste are his best and oldest friends. All the other children of their coven were either older than his friends or younger than him, so Max held onto them.

3. Max was a premature birth, and his early years were riddled with sickness. By the time he was well enough to meet his peers, he hadn’t developed enough socially to combat the bullies on his own. Oreste would lie and tell his bullies they were going to die, and Diego would beat them to a pulp. It wasn’t the most stable protection squad, but it was Max’s protection squad. (He has since been able to get Oreste to stop falsifying visions and Diego to stop resorting to violence.)

4. When the three were in middle school, Oreste uncharacteristically suggested that Max take up football. While he originally had no interest in any sports, Max was a natural and had so much fun at try-outs that he accepted their invitation to join. He was too busy his freshman year at AOA to worry about anything other than his studies, but Sage encouraged him to try-out at the start of his second year. Both made it on, and are currently the only witches on the team.

5. Like the De Ardo Coven, the Quercini Coven does not have a specific affinity. Instead, the leaders encourage its members to branch out and learn various types of magic, so as to not have only one type in their arsenal. The only other coven like this is the Itzala Coven.

6. Max has had many admirers over the years, but he’s a notoriously bad flirt. After striking out a couple times in middle school, he gave up and just focused on school and videogames.

7. Sage is the first friend he made outside of his coven, and Max is the first friend Sage made at AOA. They consider one another their most “normal” friend, which will probably hold true if the two ever decided to mix friend groups.

8. Cari doesn’t know it yet, but she did not inherit her affinity for wordless magick from the de Ardos–Max is another powerful telekinetic, though the only ones who know are his friends, his father, and Prof. Cromwell, his tutor.

9. His relationship with his father is business first, not unlike Cari’s with her mother. Alfonso is always traveling and handling coven affairs, so the two always seem to miss one another.

10. Max moonlights as “hexdout,” a popular streamer and videogame reviewer on Nethru. He has yet to do a face reveal, and only his best friends know about it. Diego and Oreste join him for co-op games as KidxReject (Diego also streams and reviews videogames, but has always incorporated webcam) and GoGoGlam (Oreste buys and tries designer clothes and accessories to review and has a DarkScene following). They have a strict “usernames only” policy while streaming together or referring to one another to protect Max’s privacy: viewers often hear them call each other Hex, Kid, and Glam.

Art by oveikeii ♠️
Graphic made at Canva

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Graphic made at Canva

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