Mid-Summer Is Here [July Schedule]

Graphic made on Canva

I’ve actually had July’s schedule completed since I finalized June’s, so I’m happy to say that nothing has changed. You’ll notice more Weird birthday symbols than you’re used to and fewer TCOLD birthdays than we’ve come to love. That’s because half of the Hermeans, like the Cythereans, experience their birthday in a different month; also, I took the liberty of including the birthday of a newly canon Weird character–me! (That is, Professor Natasha Penn.)

As with last time, blue text is for this blog (SotS) and yellow text is for my side blog (TAC).


  • NEW entry for Lizzie’s Diary


  • NEW chapter for Weird: Book of Secrets
  • Weekly Insight with Mortimer


  • Rumor Has It… by Arion


  • NEW Weird character biographies
  • Health Tips with Melusine


  • NEW premium blog
  • Sports Highlight by Feliks


  • What The Dish! by Aspen

Saturday, July 17th: Eidolon short story

Important Dates:

Thursday, July 8th – My (Professor Penn’s) birthday!

Sunday, July 18th – Emerico Esteves’ birthday

Monday, July 19th – Ignacio Abreu’s birthday

Tuesday, July 20th – Dianora Cardoso & Massimo Quercini’s birthday (BIO)

Sunday, July 25th – Teagan Love (BIO) and Horace Bruton’s birthday (BIO)

You might have noticed that, in the legend beside the calendar, I included Monty’s Memories. The original plan was for me to be so far ahead by the time July came around that I would be able to work on completing that series. However, between commissions and June and July’s content, things have been tough. I’ll see if I can work it into August, but no promises.

As for special things this month, since it is my birthday month I might go ahead and create a Weird character biography for Professor Penn! It’ll be interesting to see what I come up with for my in-story counterpart.

I hope you find July’s schedule agreeable. Thanks for reading!

Natty P. 🖤

Photo by Tairon Fernandez on Pexels.com

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