Who’s Who: Teagan of the Love Coven

Name: Teagan Bryn “Tea” Love

Identity: cisgender female

Birth Date: 25th of July

Year: Freshman

Height: 1.6 m

Hair: long thick apple red curls

Orientation: homosexual

Age: 151

Zodiac: Leo

Weight: 56 kg

Eyes: sapphire blue

Complexion: pale khaki with fair magenta undertones

Classification: Haunter

Species: Vampire

Specialty(ies): advanced allure, immunity to contaminants, supernatural agility, animal morphing

Greatest fear: being trapped or caged

Interested in:

  • flower picking
  • drawing, sketching, and painting
  • “reality” tv
  • driving fast (LOVES motorcycles)
  • petting zoos/farms
  • crempogau
  • visual romance novels

Disinterested in:

  • cooking (she’s burned water)
  • bugs (they are EVIL)
  • fire (we don’t talk about it)
  • older men
  • drawing hands (“screw you, Jack Dawson.”)
  • tickling (DON’T.)

Random Facts:

1. Teagan Bryn Love was born on July 25, 1854 in Westminster, London to a young aspiring artist.

2. Her father was a sculptor from Brecon, Wales and was not present in her life until shortly before her death in 1870. He was found dead three years later.

3. Telyn Egryn is her all-time favorite collection of poetry.

4. Growing up, her mother encouraged her talent in visual arts, particularly oil painting. Her interests were primarily in styles such as Rococo, Baroque, and Romantic (particularly Luminist).

5. Following her death, Teagan spent a couple decades in France while undergoing her blood training. She contributes this span of time as her most inspired, as she experimented with neo-impressionism and symbolism.

6. In the early 20th century, she and others from her coven moved to the United States. The change of scenery granted her an interest in tonalism and realism, the latter of which she had previously criticized as being mundane.

7. Teagan liked the idea of the Ashcan School movement… Just the idea.

8. Do not EVER bring up Picasso. She will slit your throat.

9. She’s a closet nerd. Harry Potter? Read ’em all. Star Wars? Seen ’em all. She has comics books spanning various industries stashed in her attic.

10. She may or may not have created characters for a future web comic, but she’s had trouble nailing the story down.

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