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Who’s Who: Alicia of the Young Coven

While she admires the ritual and the fact that her parents are still very much in love to this day, Alicia can’t help but dread performing the ritual herself. After all, if the Young witches traditionally have human mates, then there’s no way her divine partner will be another witch.

Who’s Who: Luke of the Salem Pack

Luke’s a powerhouse of muscle and strength; he’s the goalie for the football team, a shot stopper who’s caught the eye of various recruiters. Since it’s the only club he’s officially a member of, it’s where he spends the majority of his weekends–unless there’s some sort of festival or contest going on.

Who’s Who: Whitney of the Salem Pack

Whitney knew her gender identity from an early age. Thanks to her gender-neutral name and supportive parents, she was able to present as female as early as second grade.