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Change Is Coming…

Just a Life Update with a dash of Ravings and a sprinkling of Schedule post 🙂

Happy Birthday Aunt Desi!

Just assume that she’s already foreseen everything you plan on doing for the day. It’s next to impossible to surprise her. Thankfully, her visions focus mainly on prophecies of great importance, so the angels still manage to find gifts for her. She’s a sweet, sensitive soul, and she ships MontyxLizzie.

Happy Birthday Julian!

Julian is Wellington’s opposite in almost every way. He’s impulsive, hard-headed, and acts his age–Wellington had to step up at age fourteen when he was recognized as the court’s teleporter. And while most teleporters are pranksters, that trait seemed to miss Wells and find its home in his younger brother. By the time Taurus starts, Julian will have been barred from pranking, as even Caleb was getting sick of it.