What do you think?

Daily writing prompt
What’s something most people don’t understand?


People spend years contemplating the meaning of existence. Humans have fabricated mythologies and systems of belief in their quest to find answers. There are those throughout history who sought enlightenment through substances, legal or otherwise, just to figure out the reason they were put on this Earth.

Life is something most people don’t understand–and I believe it’s something we were never meant to ponder.

Because there is no meaning.

Because there are millions of meanings.

Because each person can derive their own meaning.

Because the only other four letter word to hold so much weight to it is love, and we don’t understand that either.

I find that the less I understand about a concept, the more I appreciate it. The point isn’t to understand life–the point is to live it.

Live it loud, live it contentedly, live it safe, live it wild, live it alone, live it together, live it truthfully, live it doing what you love, live it by making mistakes, live it by learning from those mistakes, live it by regretting and growing and crying and laughing and singing and dancing and reading and sleeping… Hell, live it by contemplating what life means to you.

Live. Just live.

The point isn’t to understand life –the point is to live it.

Natasha Penn

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