Monty – Entry III


The angel saw his sister round the fountain with his subordinate. “Guys! She’s been separated from her brother.”

His gaze lingered on the other angel cautiously. “Chris, chill with the ports. Your lightning freaked her out.”

The porter groaned. “So, what? You want her to walk to the medic?”

“She won’t need to,” Mona revealed, inching closer to her brother and his new attachment. “I don’t hear the lightning touch down when I’m his passenger, but I do when I’m not. She’ll be fine.”

She then reached between the angel and the human, her tone softening. “Hey, it’s going to be okay. My name is Mona. Can you tell me your name?”

The air around them was still for a brief moment. “Lizzie.”

“Hi, Lizzie. I’m sorry if my brother scared you, he just wanted to make sure you were safe.” Her green eyes flew up and down the young girl’s body.

“You have some cuts and bruises. Did somebody hurt you?”

Lizzie whimpered as she hesitated, then answered with a single nod.

“We can help you, Lizzie. Our colony is protected by angels. Monty and Chris are here to keep you and everyone safe–”

The younger girl’s head shot up. She gazed at Monty with wide eyes. “A-angel? You’re one of them? Is this S-S-Savannah?”

“Yes, to all of that,” he quipped, smiling down at her. “We can take you to the humans, Lizzie. They’ll give you food and clothes, and they can help you get better–”

“No!” she protested, gripping him tighter. “Clint said here. He s-said angels. Please don’t leave me with more humans!”

Monty’s cool visage broke at her desperate plea. Her eyes bore into his, begging him to see what she wouldn’t say. Her small body shook in his arms, and those eyes were once again brimming with tears.

Those eyes.

“We won’t,” he promised.

“We won’t–?” Chris began from behind Mona, only for the royal advisor to cut him off.

“No, we won’t.” The Alagona twins shared a glance; Monty could see his sister was uneasy with his vow. “Is this okay?”

She retracted her hand from between the two and let out an exasperated sigh. “Fine–but you’re dealing with dad.”

He nodded, accepting her terms. As the only children their parents could bear, both teens had spent their lives under the weight of their father’s expectations. The children of angels were born human and, if they were the vessels for a spirit that had yet to return to Earth, they would have their true selves awakened by the sitting prince. This typically occurred at a young age for the Jovians, but there had yet to be a single prince to unlock the potential in Mona’s soul. In Matteo Alagona’s eyes, his daughter was a mistake–the only human in a family of angels.

Monty returned his attention to the lost girl. “My sister and I have our own place. I’m gone most of the day, but Mona will be home in case you need anything. Would you want to stay with us for a little while?”

Her russet eyes darted between the twins. “Safe?” she whispered.

They nodded. “We’ll keep you safe,” he vowed once more. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Her breathing calmed as she nodded again. “O-Okay.”

“Thank you,” Monty let out a breath of relief. He gestured for the porter to approach them. Chris did so, smiling pleasantly at the human as he held out his arm.

“Lizzie, Chris is our teleporter. Do you know about the different kinds of spirits?”

She shook her head.

“Chris is special. He can take us all the way to our house in seconds. There’s going to be a bright light, so it’s okay if you want to close your eyes–but it’s over before you know it and you won’t feel a thing. Okay?”

Her head bobbed with acknowledgement. He waited until after Mona placed her hand on Chris’ arm to extend his own limb. “All you have to do is hold on. Okay? Like this.”

He took hold of the teleporter’s arm, his eyes encouraging Lizzie to follow suit. The fingers of her right hand gingerly released his jacket, and she reached out and touched Chris.

Monty chuckled. “You might want to hold on–don’t want him to drop you in mid-air.”

Lizzie gasped and squeezed the other angel’s forearm.

“Seriously, Monty?” His twin chastised.

Chris snickered at his jest. “Alright, kid. You ready?”

She murmured into the advisor’s chest. “She’s ready,” he assured them.

“Cool. Here we go!”

Up until that point, the only light had shone from the moon, illuminating the trails of the abandoned park. However, once Chris activated his ability, their surroundings became engulfed in a bright light. It covered them in a sheet of white luminescence, leaving no trace of anything outside their physical contact. The broken sidewalk, the forgotten fountain, the overgrown trees–even the night sky and waning moon were not spared by the porter.

Monty peeked down at Lizzie, expecting to find her still hiding her face. She was gazing all around them, her eyes large with wonder. The light reflected against her russet irises, showcasing hints of sparkling crimson. Her eyes were set ablaze with color, and the angel couldn’t bring himself to look away.

To Be Continued
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