Holiday Hiatus Update

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Hello readers, new and old!

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by my little blog site today, regardless of whether this is your first visit or your hundredth. Secondly, if this isn’t your first visit, thank you for being a reader of mine!

For those of you who enjoy my latest mini-series of blogs–Monty’s memories and Lizzie’s Diary entries–I thank you for reading! Both blogs still have a couple more entries to go, and once they’re completed I will be focusing on another mini-blog series, possibly two. It’s been an exciting side project for me that’s allowed my mind to further explore my characters, along with their timeline and universe.

For those of you not aware, both Monty Alagona and Lizzie Peters, as well as every name and situation revealed through their separate points of view, are canonical to The Chronicles of Life & Death. My future mini-blogs will follow similar formats and feature new characters in this same universe.

However, it’s time to discuss the title of this update, my reason for posting something other than a blog. A hiatus.

A lesser known fact about me might be that I suffer from a couple mental and emotional issues. Being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD is exactly as tiring as it sounds, and between my personal grievances and my general distaste for the holidays… I need to take some time for myself, reconnect with my creativity. It probably doesn’t help that, for over a month now, I’ve been two chapters away from completing the manuscript for the first installment of Saturn Rising. I may have been pouring my creative juice into these blogs to distract myself from my writer’s block–and if I ever want to get published, then that’s something I’ll have to change.

With that being said, Monty and Lizzie’s blogs are going on hold for a couple of weeks and will recommence with Lizzie’s next Sunday entry. I’m hoping to utilize this time to perfect the final draft of my manuscript. Feel free to peruse my old blogs in my hiatus. Don’t forget to like and comment if you have a WordPress account–if you don’t, the random DM or shout-out on Twitter and Instagram would do wonders for my dwindling self-esteem and encouragement. Just saying.

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a happy, safe holiday season, filled with warmth, laughs, and love.

Natty P.

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