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Are you in need of the following writing services:

Look no further! I can help bring your ideas to life.

Please note: the following short stories, characters, and other content may be credited to my real name, Tatiana Lizcano. Natasha Penn and Tatiana Lizcano are the same person–the former is simply the pseudonym under which I write fiction. I was given permission by my clients to share their commissions.

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Character Creation

Do you have a name and a face in mind, but no backstory? Maybe you have their story and circumstances figured out, but have difficulty pinning down their personality. No matter your circumstance, I can help fuel your creativity.

I’ve helped several fellow writers create fleshed out characters from minimal information and hours of research.

Examples of My Original Characters

Examples of Character Commissions

You can order a character commission on the following platforms:

You can also learn more by visiting this page.

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Ghostwriting Services

Some people are great at coming up with ideas, but have trouble expanding on them. Do you have a website that needs a well-written article or blog on a specific topic? Perhaps you have a novel concept, but don’t have the time to write it yourself? If you have a fantastic plot, fan fiction, or book in mind but just need help with the execution, then it sounds as if you need a ghostwriter in your corner. I can bring your ideas to life, and you get all the credit.

Commonly ghostwritten content:

  • blogs
  • articles
  • short stories
  • website content
  • social media posts
  • blurbs
  • biographies
  • novels and novelettes

Professionally speaking, I’ve written fan fiction and short stories for clients. Personally, I manage a second blog called The Arcane Citizen, which is fashioned to be a website for a fictional school with magical beings in attendance. Members of the Journalism Club–original characters from my series Weird: Book of Secrets–post articles revolving around various topics such as news, health tips, sports highlights, rumors, and more!

Why am I telling you about my second blog? Because it’s the perfect example of how I can create content while using a different tone, be it serious, satirical, hopeful, or analytical.

Examples of Articles from The Arcane Citizen

Examples of Short Story Commissions

The above commissions are NSFW content that contain explicit language and may be offensive to some readers.

For the security of my clients and the content they’ve had me write for them, I will not be sharing their content on here, as WordPress allows anyone to download the files shared. You can see examples of the work I’ve done by checking out my Fiverr and Upwork profiles. I take plagiarism very seriously, and the last thing I want is for someone to steal my client’s ideas, and my hard work. Thank you for understanding.

You can order ghostwriting services on the following platforms:

You can also learn more by visiting this page.

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Proofreading & Editing

As humans, we tend to be perfectionists. We expect the work we do to have no errors on the first try–and when we do find errors, it can be discouraging. What’s even more frightening is the idea that you probably made more errors that you aren’t aware of. The best way to move forward with the creative process is to focus on letting your story flow, and leaving the clean-up to a third party. Proofreaders and editors are your best bet, as you can never go wrong with a second pair of eyes.

What’s the difference between Proofreading and Editing?

Proofreaders Look For:

  • misspellings
  • punctuation errors
  • grammatical errors
  • formatting errors
  • textual/numerical inconsistencies

Editors Look For:

  • misspellings
  • punctuation errors
  • grammatical errors
  • formatting errors
  • textual/numerical inconsistencies
  • poor sentence structure
  • issues in clarity
  • issues in readability
  • issues with narration

A proofreader is a great choice if you already have a decent grasp of the English language and just need someone to spruce up your work in a short amount of time. Conversely, an editor is a wonderful option for those who admittedly need more help with larger projects, and don’t mind a longer turnaround. I offer both of these services to writers and all in need of error-free work.

Examples of my Proofreading/Editing Handiwork

Short story excerpt by @bubblesbenson on Tumblr | Proofread by Natasha Penn (my pseudonym)
Fan fiction by a client | Proofread by Tatiana Lizcano (me)

You can order proofreading and editing services on the following platforms:

You can also learn more by visiting this page.

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Transcription Services

You might be wondering who would need a transcriptionist. Well, it could be you!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have a YouTube channel or web series of videos on another platform?
  2. Do you stream live on Twitch, Facebook, or another platform?
  3. Do you have a podcast?
  4. Do you make custom audios for clients and/or patrons?
  5. Do you have ideas for books, blogs, articles, or some other form of written content?

Now, the most important question: if you said yes to any of the above questions, do you have the time to create captions and transcripts?

If you’re a content creator who brings video and audio content to your fans, then you’ve probably come to realize that your content may not be as inclusive as your audience needs. Captions and transcripts are a great way to invite members of the Deaf community to enjoy your work. There are also fans who are neurodivergent, and benefit from reading what is being said out loud. Take it from a neurodivergent person who needs captions on everything–and I mean everything.

Transcription services aren’t just for YouTubers, streamers, and podcast hosts–they’re also a blessing for creative people who have a writing project in mind, but have trouble with the actual writing part. This is where transcription and ghostwriting converge into one service; you can record yourself speaking your story ideas, blog and article topics, and talking points, and a multitalented writer such as myself can turn your words into the written content that you desire.

You can order transcription services on the following platforms:

You can also learn more by visiting this page.

As a freelance writer, I pride myself on providing high-quality services in a timely manner for an affordable rate. Feel free to reach out via text, email, or on social media if you have any questions.

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You can also learn more by visiting this page.


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