Character Creation

Let’s create an unforgettable character together.

“When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.”

Ernest Hemingway

#1 – Keep The Facts Straight

Just need a name, a quick backstory, and some characteristics for a minor character? I can have that information ready for a single character within 1 day. This is best for supporting/background characters of any genre. If you are interested in requesting multiple characters, then there will be an upcharge of two-thirds the original cost.

Example: 2 characters at 300 words or less would be $5 (base price of $3 + upcharge of $2); 2 characters at 301-500 words would be $8.33 ($5 + $3.33), etc.

300 words or less$3
301-500 words$5
501-700 words$7
701-1000 words$10
1001+ words$1 per 100 words
Basic pricing for simple character sheet

#2 – The Devil Is In The Details

Looking for more than some quick facts? If you require a fully fleshed-out original character with a complex background for your story, then look no further. I can have a detailed character sheet and background that will perfectly fit your story within 2-3 days. This is best for creating crucial characters, such as protagonists or antagonists, for various genres including science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and other adventurous categories. Requesting multiple characters at a time can grant you a $2 discount per additional character.

Example: 2 characters at 500-700 words would be $14 (base price of $8 + upcharge of $6); 2 characters at 701-1000 words would be $20 ($11 + $9), etc.

500-700 words$8
701-1000 words$11
1001-1300 words$14
1301-1600 words$17
1601-2000 words$21
2001+ words$2 per 100 words
Basic pricing for detailed character sheet

#3 – NSFW

Either of the above services can be used to create a character for your erotic work, be it for fan fiction, a romantic novel, your sex worker persona, and so on. However, it takes time to achieve the appropriate level of research to create titillating characters, so there will be an upcharge on NSFW services based on the duration and word counts. The prices shown in the adjacent table are added on top of the base price for the requested service per character. Please allow an additional day on top of the original timing given.

Simple character sheet
(500 words or less)
No upcharge
Simple character sheet
(501-1000 words)
Simple character sheet
(1001+ words)
Detailed character sheet
(700 words or less)
Detailed character sheet
(701-1300 words)
Detailed character sheet
(1301+ words)
NSFW upcharges for simple and detailed character sheets

You can place an order for the above services on Ko-fi as commissions. Please do not send any payments for services in the form of a donation via WordPress, Vocal, or Ko-fi, and please do not use the donations to request these services. I prefer to have the details regarding what you need before any payment is received. Timelines given are subject to change in the event of an emergency. This service is non-refundable as any necessary adjustments can be made afterwards free of charge.